We had Dirk and Laura (and the kids, and Mel) over for dinner last night. I made pasta which was tasty! We had a lot of fun hanging out.

In other news, Ollie’s speech therapist is impressed with the sounds he’s making and confident that he’ll be caught up to his peers by kindergarten. She brought me this nifty report of all the sounds he made (She recorded a session and transcribed his sounds). He adds new words each week and has been continuing to surprise people with his language. Even his teacher at daycare commented on it. “He’ll just out of the blue say something and I’ll be like, Was that Ollie? and it was!” So says his teacher.

Landon is becoming more responsible. He and I had a “Mom and Landon Day” on Tuesday, where in Ollie went to school and we went over to Tempe Marketplace. We saw Tintin, which was cute, although a little more violent and a lot more alcohol than I expected. It was very much an action adventure movie. After that we had lunch together at Red Robin, where we played a lot of Tic Tac Toe. After that we hit Dave & Buster’s and played some video games. We ended up hitting Game Depot and looking at dice too. After all of that, we got snow cones and then went to pick up Oliver.

Bobby has been feeling under the weather recently. He stayed home from work on Tuesday, called out sick, which never happens. Today he’s finally going to the doctor, so hopefully he’ll feel better soon. I started pushing him to go when he came home from work early for the second day in a row, and told me he didn’t feel up to going Hench Dinner. On the bright side, he got this neat new toy, called The Nest. He installed it right away, because he was so excited. But, partly because he was sick, there were issues.

I’m on vacation from work this week, which is wonderful, so Tuesday night I stayed up WAY LATE reading, at around midnight I finished my book and put it down, only to discover I was freezing. I got up and put my heated blanket on, noted that the heat was still on, and tried to sleep. But I just got colder. My heated blanket is small, and any part of me sticking out was cold. Around 2AM I realize the heat has been on for two hours and I’m freezing. I check the The Nest App on my phone, which tells me that it’s trying to heat my house to 73, as requested, but that it’s only 65 in the house. So now I know there is a problem. I get out of bed and check, and yes, it’s only blowing COLD AIR. So in the middle of the night, I fiddle with it and get it turned off, then cover the boys with extra blankets, and try to sleep. (Our room is the coldest one in the house.) I didn’t want to wake Bobby up because he’s been so sick.
I am too cold to sleep. At 3AM, Bobby gets up to go Potty, and I tell him what’s going on. He goes and messes with it, and ends up rewiring it and fixing the issue. Now the nest works great! Love it.


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