Ollie update :)

Last night, Ollie started blowing kisses. We went to Game Depot and when we went to leave, Patty blew a kiss at him, and he just did it right back!

I have no idea where he learned it, but it is the CUTEST THING EVER.

Both the DSI and the Speech therapist think he is making good progress. I Agree with them. Ollie spent some time in the one’s room yesterday and his one’s teacher was really impressed with him.

With the speech therapist on Weds or the DSI on Tues he said a bunch of things this week, including:
Go Go Go
I Got it
All Done
Lion (no L sound)

Last night at dinner he was happy and was playing his games. He sat in my lap and did not have a meltdown at 6:50-7 like he normally does. I took him home at 7:10pm without fuss.


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