Landon on Star Wars, Ollie’s progress.

We watched Star Wars Episode 1: The Phantom Menace last night.

I’ve tried before to get Landon to watch Star Wars (A New Hope) with me, but it never holds his interest. He’s watched the Clone Wars cartoon on occasion, but hasn’t grown to love it. I’ve heard the theory that Episode 1 is more kid friendly. Bobby is out of town, so last night I fired up Episode 1, popped some popcorn, and settled in with both boys.

Landon seemed to enjoy the movie. I don’t know if he’ll want to watch more or not. Landon kept asking me who was a bad guy and who was a good guy. He wanted it to be very cut and dried, no gray characters allowed. He had a little trouble understanding that Qui-gon was really dead, and that they burned him. When it was time to tuck him in bed, we had the following conversation:

Me: So did you like Star Wars?
L: Yes, but not the guy who got stabbed.
Me: Darth Maul? The guy with the red and black face?
L: No, the one who got stabbed in the belly.
Me: Qui-gon? The Jedi? Why didn’t you like him?
L: Cause he died. He wasn’t very good. He needed more training.

I LOLed.

Ollie watched some it, because Oliver loves popcorn. He sat on the couch next to me and ate popcorn with me. Landon had his own bowl of popcorn, and when that ran out, he started eating out of the large bowl Ollie and I were sharing. Oliver got so mad that Landon was taking his popcorn. I had to refill Landon’s bowl on the sly, so Ollie wouldn’t get too upset. Ollie spent a lot of the movie crawling around on top of me or yelling at the TV. I think he liked the movie, or at least, liked it enough to let us watch it.

Ollie seems to be recovered from his surgery. They are moving him up to the two’s room today at school. He is getting clearer in his speech. I think in the apple juice video I posted that he also says “I want that” and “I do, I do.” I could be wrong. In his bath on Saturday night he told me to “Blow Bubbles.” Mind you, some of this might just be him repeating words back to me, but that’s way more than he was doing three weeks ago.
One of the things the doctor keeps asking me is if Oliver engages in imaginative play. I’m never sure how to answer this, but now I am. Friday Ollie played peek-a-boo with his stuffed dinosaur. I watched him cover the dinosaur, and then act surprised when he lifted up the blanket to see the Dino. It was really cute. I also think he’s started trying to get Dino to eat cereal in the morning.

I’m hoping Ollie has a cold. He woke up really congested yesterday, and has a cough and congestion going on today as well. If it’s not a cold, I’m taking him to the allergist. He’s been off soy and dairy now for more than a month.

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