Ollie well visit

Ollie had his two year well check today. She said his ears are totally recovered, and his throat looks good, probably still a little sore, but healing nicely. Oliver is 36.5 inches (3 feet!) tall and weighed in at 33lbs. His head was 51 CM. All three measurements are in the 95% for size, and he’s very well proportioned. Health wise he checks out fine. The doctor spent a lot of extra time with me today to talk about a lot of my concerns about Ollie’s development. In general, she thinks that if his delays are hearing related, with the help we are getting from the speech therapist and the DSI, along with the tubes, that he should be able to catch up to his peers in about six months. If there are other issues, then we should be able to work towards pin pointing them at that point. I’ve made a follow appointment for a 2.5 year well check. I’ve also got a referral for a Developmental Pediatrician, although our ped said it usually takes about 6 months to get into see one, they book that far out.