Ollie 2.0

Dear Oliver-
You are two! Happy Birthday little man! I am so happy you are two!
It’s been a rather rough month for you. I’ve been pushing hard to help with your issues. The allergy test came back with a bit of a shocker, you are allergic to milk and soy. They are mild allergies, but avoiding foods with those ingredients should help. We immediately took you off of milk and soy, but after three weeks, saw little change. We are still sticking with a dairy and soy free diet for now. Thankfully you switched over to rice milk with little complaint.
We also go into see the ENT, who ordered an -Xray, and decided that your adenoids and tonsils needed to go, and that tubes in your ears would help with the hearing issues. With the holidays coming, the best opening was on Halloween. This means you missed out on trick or treating, but never fear! We do have candy for you to eat. It all worked out okay, because you HATED your costume. You were going as Toad from Super Mario brothers, since your big brother was Mario, however you did not like the hat at all.
Your surgery went well, but you are still recovering, even today, on your birthday. I wish you were feeling better, but the pain meds seem to keep the pain mostly under control, and you are doing well, overall. We’ve been relaxing and running some errands for your party tomorrow. Depending on the weather, we may head to the park when you wake up. You love to slide and swing. You are a very physical little boy, and you love to move and do things.
We’ve also have a speech therapist and a DSI come around, and you had your first session with each of them last week, before your surgery. Both appointments went well, and hopefully now that you have tubes in your ears, you will be able to make some great progress with their help.
We moved forward on a lot of fronts this month, but overall you’ve been pretty happy. You love to close doors, and often try to close ones that have been propped open. You enjoy playing peek a boo or taking apart Lego towers. Watching Team Umizoomi is still your favorite thing, but you’ve recently been enjoying Wow Wow Wubbzy and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You still love food, and it makes me a little sad to not be able to give you all the foods we used to feed you. You sleep from about 7:30pm every night till around 5:30AM, and you still nap from around 12:30 to 2. Speaking of nap, I hear you waking from your birthday nap right now, so I’ll go play with you rather than writing to future you.
Happy Birthday! I am so proud of you, my little two year old!
Love always,