40 Days of Thanksgiving Day Five: Health Care

I am thankful for health care.

I am thankful that I have good health insurance that covers us when scary things happen, or when kids have ear infections. I’m thankful I don’t have to agonize of whether or not to take my kids to the doctor or buy them food.

I am thankful for the medicine we have available for my family to stop pain and help us heal.

I’m thankful for emergency rooms, urgent cares, and primary care doctors.

I’m thankful for nurses, doctors, surgeons, and other support staff in the medical industry. I’m thankful for the people who knew what to do, and who were able to offer comfort.

I am so thankful, that when Oliver got sick, we were able to go to the hospital, that we played it safe, even though it was “just a fever.” Because if we hadn’t had all of that available, if we hadn’t been in the hospital, Ollie would have died. There is no doubt. He stopped breathing. I am so thankful we were there, where he could get help, where he could be saved. The medicines that kept him going for those first few days afterward were a gift. I am so thankful.

And I’m thankful that my health insurance covered most of the cost, because the bill was for more than my house and both my cars put together cost me.

Getting to hold him for the first time after everything was so amazing, this was one of the best days of my life:

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