40 Days of Thanksgiving Day Three: Bobby

I am so thankful for my husband. Most of you know, we met in high school, and have been a couple since 1995. We knew we were going to get married after having only been together for three months, but we decided to wait until at least one of finished college.
Bobby loves to make other people happy. He gets joy from the joy others have. He has this driving desire to make everyone better. It’s amazing to watch him talk to people, to see what he is willing to do for other. Despite this, he puts Landon, Oliver, and I first. Sometimes I worry because I know he’ll wear himself out trying to make others happy. Bobby is crazy smart, although he claims to be just “average” when asked. He takes the time to really understand things that interest him, or things that he feels are important.
Bobby take the time to make sure we have the things we need, and the things that make us happy. He’s always willing to step up and take on issues or take care of our children. He is an amazing father to the boys, he plays with them and teaches them.
I’m so thankful to have a partner in this life who is my best friend, who I love more than words can ever express. I have a partner who is supportive and sweet, romantic and practical, and very, very sexy.

I am so thankful for Bobby, and so lucky to have him in my life!

Sedona (188)