Ollie letter 1.11

Dear Ollie,

You are 23 months old. It’s hard for me to believe that you are almost two already! So much has happened in the last two months, and we’ve made some major changes and major progress.

You got to spend your summer hanging out with Laura, and I know you loved it. However on August 15th, you started at a new school closer to my work. The new school is pretty neat, but you had a very rough time with it. You still get upset at drop off, although it has slowly improved over time. Your teachers were concerned because you did not like to interact with the other children and did not make eye contact with them. You have made great strides in the past few months and are doing better and school and seem to be enjoying yourself more.

Because of the concerns of your teachers, as well as some of my own concerns, and the fact that you appear to be lagging behind your peers, I went ahead and talked to your pediatrician about your issues. From there we moved to talking to the Early Intervention team and to an Audiologist.

Here is a list of your Words: 1 Mama 2 Dada 3 Laura 4 Landon 5 Darion 6 Cracker 7 Drink 8 chicken 9 yogurt 10 hey or hi 11 bye 12 see you later 13 again 14 more 15 umi zoomi 16 Thanks 17 there 18. All Done

There might be more words, but these are the main ones we hear and understad. You do babble and make other sounds, but nothing clearly defined, and the words you do make are slurred.

The AZ early intervention team accepted you into the program under the Division of Developmental Disabilities. They have had a couple of specialist out to the house to develop a program, and we will be working with a speech therapist and an developmental specialist once a week on your issues starting in the near future.

The Audioligist says that you do have hearing loss, and that it may sound to you like everyone is talking to you underwater, due to some fluid buildup behind your ears. This maybe related to your seasonal allergies and your snoring as well. Also, your doctor has observed that you have large tonsils and probably large adenoids. We had an allergy test and are working on a solution, as well as received a referral to an ENT. We should hopefully know more by the end of the month, but hopefully your hearing issues are the root cause of your delays, and can be fixed with tubes in the ears.

You have also been a little bit of a plague bearer the last month, but thankfully none of these things have hit you too hard. You had what seemed like a mild case of Hand Foot & Mouth, which you got over rather quickly, but managed to spread to your mom and your brother. Your big brother also brought home Lice again from school. We shaved your head to take care of it, and you are not suffering from any ill effects. I was saddened by your head shaving as just a few weeks early I had taken you in for a haircut. The hair cut was traumatic for both of us, and you struggled and fought the entire time. The haircut was cute, but not perfect. It was a lot of effort to only turn around and shave it off two weeks later.

Overall, you are doing well. You still like to smile and laugh, and it’s the best feeling in the world when you do. I’m not going to lie though, you’ve been a more difficult child than your brother was. You have temper tantrums and severe separation issues. You don’t like other people or strangers, and you tend to have breakdown even worse in public. You can go from happy and laughing to major temper tantrum in no time flat, often for reasons I cannot figure out. I’m hoping that a lot of this has to do with the allergies and your hearing. I know you have good days and bad days with your ears, and that might explain some of our issues. I want to be honest and open about these things with you, because one day, you might be a parent, and I want you to understand in advance that even a child who may take a little more effort is still a blessing and a joy. You are an amazing child who literally can light up our lives with a simple smile. You are adorable and sweet. You love to play peekaboo and give high fives.

I am thankful every day that you are my son, and that you are alive and well. I hope that I can get you the medical assistance you need quickly and as painlessly as possible in order to help you be who you are meant to be. We love you so much.

love always


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