Letter to my father

Hey Daddy-
Today makes it 10 years since you passed away. It seems like both a much longer time and a much shorter time. I didn’t think it would still be this hard, that I would still miss you this much, even though you’ve been gone so long.
I am always grateful that you were there on my wedding day. Having you there meant so much to me. I really wish you could have met Landon and Oliver though. I know you would have been an amazing Grandpa to the boys. Oliver looks so much like you it still startles me sometimes. The other day I put him in a little plaid shirt and couldn’t help but think how good he looked in it, only to realize later it was because that was the style that you wore.
You were always there for me Dad. You were like a safety net that I never properly thanked or acknowledged. I always knew, if anything went majorly wrong in my life that I could call you, and you would help fix it. I’m sorry that I was so young, that I didn’t understand how important you were to me while you were here. It’s with the wisdom of an adult and a parent that I look back and realize just how HARD you worked, how much of yourself you put into making sure your family had everything they needed. I wish I could kick teenage me sometimes for not helping you out more, especially with the business.
I feel that you died, in part, because you were too busy taking care of the business, and of others, than to take care of yourself, of your health. You had high blood pressure, and that was what most likely caused everything else to go wrong. Because of your example, I realized I needed to do something about my own health. I’ve been working out and eating better in hopes of living a longer life than you. It’s a hard lesson, and it was a hard way to learn. I hope I’ve got the strength to keep the weight off and to eat right. I want to live to hold my grandchildren.
I miss you daddy. I always will. It is easier now, than it was. But I still miss you so much. I love you dad. I do tell the boys about you, and we have pictures of you up. They’ll at least have an idea of how amazing you are, even if they never got to see it first hand.

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