Landon is five!

Dear Landon-
You are five. How did this happen? It seems like just yesterday you were a tiny little baby. Yet here you are, already having started Kindergarten! I am so proud of you. You are such a good, smart little boy. This past month we’ve had some fun adventures together.

We explored the local aquarium again, and we attempted to eat at the Rainforest Café. You were so frightened by the animatronics animals and fake thunderstorm that we left before we could even order. You and I went to see our first play together, a children’s theatre showing of Pinocchio at the Hale theatre in Gilbert. You seemed to really enjoy the play. We also went to a baseball expo, where I realized you have not really learned anything about the sport before. Teaching you how to hold a bat and throw a ball was fun, but you need some more work on it. You don’t seem to be very interested in sports, overall.

Swimming on the other hand, is something you do enjoy. We hit the local water park and I got to take you on the waterslides for the first time. You thought this was so much fun. You had no fear, and insisted on going down the Banzi slides, which are some of my least favorite slides in the park. You swam very well, although you had some trouble at the bottom pools swimming away from the slides. Your swim class is going very well too, and you love to get in the pool.

We took two trips out of the heat this past month. The first of those was a weekend at the family cabin. You did very well on all the hiking and had a blast playing in the water by the falls. You love to attempt to skip stones and splash around. Laura’s family was with us, and you and Darion had a great time playing together all weekend. Your love of video games knows no bounds, and you spent a lot of time on the Nintendo upstairs as well! The second trip was an overnight trip to Sedona. You did not have as much fun on this trip, and you expressed to us multiple times that you would rather sit and play games as explore or shop. You did well on our hikes, but shopping is not your thing.

With school just a few days away, I took a little time off work to spend time with you! We went bowling, roller skating, and to Gameworks to play video games. You had a lot of fun playing and learning how to skate. You still fall down a lot, but you got better the longer we practiced! It was so much fun.

Of course, the big news this month is that you started Kindergarten on August 10th! You are attending a local school, but we are driving you out of zoning so you can be in a Dual language class. So far you don’t love the class, you told me that it is “too loud,” and that “some kids don’t like me.” I’m a little worried about that second one, but we will see how it goes. After school you go to the onsite aftercare, and you really do like that. This morning you asked me if you could skip kindergarten and go straight to the aftercare class.

Your recent new love is Phineas and Ferb. That show and Mario are your too favorite things right now. You are always asking us to put on another episode of Phineas and Ferb. Your favorite character is Ferb!

You are still an incredibly picky eater, which limits what I can send with you for lunch even more. I’m not sure how to get you to eat new foods.

Your birthday party went very well. Your dad and Melanie made an awesome Mario cake just for you!
Landon's cake
You had a lot of fun at your party with all your friends in the pool. Once your birthday was over you asked me when your next birthday was. For lunch on your birthday we met up with Uncle Jack and Uncle Sam over at Red Robin, where you enjoyed your noodles and orange slices.

You are so excited to be five! It’s so much fun to spend time with you, you are an awesome boy! I’m so happy to have you as my son.