First day of school

I’ve been rather busy the last few days.

Most importantly, I am now the mom to a kindergartner! Can you believe it?

first day of school (16)

Landon started school yesterday. He is in a dual language class, where he will in theory be learning Spanish. We will see how that goes for him. Worst case, I can move him to another class/school next year, but I suspect he’ll do just fine.

He did already have an incident with a kid three seats down from him spilling their milk and getting it on his stuff. *sigh* I’m not willing to make him sit at another table by himself, that just seems cruel. He hasn’t had a skin reaction to milk in a long time, and the school has instructions to wash him off ASAP if he gets any on him. I’m hoping this won’t be a thing. Honestly, Landon has been doing 1st grade worksheets at Laura’s all summer, so I know he’s ready for school. If it weren’t for the food allergy, I don’t think I’d be nearly as stressed out.

Landon’s first day went well overall, and he had a very good day!

Ollie also went to his new school for the first time yesterday. They have a free “trial” day that allowed me to get some time in to hit the gym and have lunch with a friend yesterday. Oliver starts at his new school officially on Monday.

first day of school (52)

Ollie had a rougher time than Landon, which is not surprising. He was tired, as they don’t nap until closer to noon, and Oliver likes to nap at 10:30AM. He liked the splash pad, (Yes, his school has a splash pad!) but was falling asleep on it. He’s a silly boy. He was less fond of the lunch they provided him. Overall, he did well though, and was active and participating. He did cry when I left, of course.

I’m so proud of my boys!

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