More on Landon’s first day, and the fun we had in the days before

I took the last couple of days off from work in order to spend time with Landon before he started school. We went bowling and roller skating, and spend some time at the arcade as well. Oliver went to Laura’s so that Landon and I wouldn’t have to stress about it.

Bowling was a bit dull, honestly. Landon had the bumpers, and he couldn’t really get the ball going very fast. He would bowl down the lane, and then have to wait a while for the ball to hit any pins. Overall, he seemed to like it, but was totally done after just one game. This was okay with me.

We went to his favorite Burger King for lunch, and he got to play around.

For me, the best part was skating. I always forget how much I LOVE to go skating. It makes me so happy to be able to skate around the rink. I know it’s silly, but it’s true. This time around, I realized I hadn’t been skating since we lived in Portland, over six years ago. On the bright side, I remembered how without issue, and had a grand old time. Landon, however, had some issues.

Keep in mind that’s his first time on skates, ever. Landon had issues in part due to the fact that he doesn’t often have to work hard at things, I think. He didn’t like the fact that skating takes work. Beyond that, the video games they had on the other side of the rink were a constant distraction for him. Every time we skated by them he would fall down, because he was trying to see what was going on with them.

Thankfully, he did improve quite a bit during our time at the rink. He was done after a about an hour of skating, but the amount of his improvement was good to see. They offer “lessons” early Saturday, so I want to take him back in a couple of weeks and see how that plays out.

Landon also got a haircut and spent time at gameworks the next day. He had a great end to his summer vacation!

After his first day of school yesterday he had swim class. He’s still doing well in swim class, but I was amazed at how few people showed up this week. Oddly, of the four total people in swim class this week, one of them is a little girl in Landon’s kindergarten class! Her mom totally recognized me from meet the teacher and morning drop off. I wouldn’t have been able to pick her up out of a line up, because it was so crazy. It was nice to sit and talk to another parent for a while.

Meet the teacher night was crazy, and I felt bad for Landon’s teacher. I realized once we were there and filling out forms that she normally takes the information gathered from meet the teacher and uses it to familiarize herself with her students and their families in advance, but that because meet the teacher was happening less than 15 hours before the first day of classes started, she wasn’t going to get much of a chance to do that.

Landon’s teacher seemed nice, he was a little nervous for his first day. When we got to the school, the place was packed. I walked Landon to his classroom while carrying Oliver. Ollie is so heavy that it gets harder to carry him one handed, despite all the workouts I’ve been doing. Landon however, needed to hold my other hand. Once the bell rang, his teacher lined everyone up and showed us where to drop the kids off in the morning. The playground is monitored for 10 minutes before school starts, which makes life a little more difficult for me, because I can’t drop him off early.

We walked back to the classroom, and Landon’s teacher offered to let parents stay and help with breakfast in the classroom, a free program going on at Landon’s school, and something he can’t use, due to his allergy. When the teacher said that we could stay, I glanced at Landon and he gave me big puppy dog eyes. He wanted me to stay. Oliver had other ideas. As soon as I walked into the classroom, Ollie started crying. Oliver crying does not help nervous kindergartners on their first day of class feel very good. I put Landon’s lunchbox at his seat and told him to only eat from the box. Then I left him for his first day. (Which went very well!)

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