Sedona get away

Saturday (7/30) we found ourselves on the road to Sedona just after lunch. It was a later start than we had wanted, but sometimes these things happen.

We arrived in Sedona and decided to pull off and do some shopping. Ollie was running all over the place, so when we went to the next area to shop, I put Ollie in the cinchworm on my back. I should have put him on my front. Live and learn, right? We were in this really cool shop that was full of neat art cool stuff. Ollie decided to lean back and randomly grab something off of the wall, causing it to fall and break. On the bright side, it only cost us three dollars.

We hit up ChocolaTree, the Live Organic Vegetarian Eatery because it was dairy free and gluten free food, and it sounded intriguing. Unfortunately, between my picky eating and Landon’s refusal of food, we were not very happy with our meal. I suspect that someone who ate more Vegan would love it, but even Ollie turned his nose up at the food.

After that I either front carried him or we put him in the stroller. Landon was doing okay during most of the trip, although he made it pretty clear that he would rather be home playing video games than on an adventure. He was excited when we went to the hotel.

We stayed at the Rodeway Inn & Suites Iris Garden in Sedona Arizona The hotel was very nice, located near downtown. Once we got settled, we took off to enjoy downtown.

Sedona July 2011 (5)

There are lots of little shops and such, and while we had fun shopping, I felt very much like Sedona is not a town for young children. The boys were not super entertained, but we enjoyed walking around, out of the heat of the valley, and enjoying the wonderful views. We ended up stopping and having a second dinner, not to mention getting some Fudge to eat for dessert!

Sedona July 2011 (14)

We got a good night sleep too. Ollie slept in the closet, on a cot we had brought from home. It was actually really cool, because the closet did not have doors, just some drapes, so it was like he had his own little room. In the morning we walked around the shops briefly and had breakfast.

Then we checked out of the hotel and went looking for some hiking. The trail we had planned to reach ended up requiring a 4×4 to reach it, so we picked some other trails at random.
Sedona July 2011 (59)

I really enjoyed the hiking, the views were amazing. The rest of the family did not have as much fun. Landon is okay hiking to a destination, less so with hiking to just “go for a walk.” Bobby was not having as much fun because Ollie would doze off and then crack his head forward into Bobby. While this was mildly funny to watch, it was not as much fun to have happen to you.

Sedona July 2011 (65)

When we got to the second trail I decided a change was in order, so we put Ollie back in the cinchworm. The second hike was more fun for everyone.
Sedona July 2011 (169)

Oliver seemed to prefer being strapped to me, even if it was much hotter for both of us. Landon was happy because he knew that he got to sit in the car and play video games shortly.
Sedona July 2011 (114)

We had a pleasant drive home after that, with no major issues. All in all, a nice little weekend escape!

The full set of pics can be seen on Flickr.


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