1.9 Ollie letter

Dear Ollie-

You are now 21 months old, and you seem so huge! You are wearing mostly size 3T or 4T shirts, but some 2T pants still fit you. It has been an exciting month for you, as we went to the cabin and up to Sedona this month. It is so hot outside that escaping the heat has been a major mission for us. We discovered something interesting; hiking seems to put you to sleep. You fell asleep in your carrier every time we went hiking. It was rather cute.

Falling asleep at the hotels and the cabin went about as well as it does at home, and most nights you manage to sleep through the night. We have it happen once or twice a week where you wake up in the night. Most of the time, turning your music back on will help you fall back to sleep, although you tend to wake up multiple times a night when you are waking up at night.

We did some more local fun stuff too, so on top of two trips out of town, you also took your first trip to Sun Splash. Sun Splash is a major water park, and you liked playing in the sprinkler area and going down the small kiddie slide. You did not like the wave pool. We also went to the science center with Laura, and you enjoyed running around with your brother very much.

You are on some allergy meds that do seem to be helping your snoring and breathing issues at night, but you still have issues, so we have a follow up later on this month to check into it.


You are becoming more understandable when you babble, and starting to make some mild sense in communicating to us, which is handy. You still don’t have a lot of words, but it is clear you understand most of what is going on now days. It’s good to see your little mind working.

We do have issues when we go to the store or go to do something you aren’t too keen on. You are just very stubborn, and in a whole new way that is all your own. You do this thing, when you decide that others are just being completely unreasonable, where you give a long blink and sort of roll your eyes. It’s a cute expression, and I’d love it more if you didn’t tend to follow it up with a temper tantrum.

You are getting better about dogs. You are no longer afraid of our dogs, although you don’t like to be out with Latvia, which is understandable, as Latvia is a great dane who will knock you down. You do dislike barking dogs though.

You love to give five and play high five. You are great at this game, but I think it has made you a little predisposed to hit. We’re working on teaching you to be softer. You also love to run in circles around an adult, particularly your father or myself. You laugh and giggle while doing it. You generally enjoy bath time and love getting in the pool. It makes me so happy to get in the pool with you and watch you throw yourself into the water. I can barely wait until you start swimming. I suspect next summer you will be a fish!

Much Love,

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