Cabin trip July 2011

Friday we went up to the cabin! It was a wonderful trip.

Basically Mel and Liz joined us at our house after work, and we packed up the car to head up. There was a bit of a snafu with the kids’ TV sets, but we managed to get one going for them to watch on the way up. Well, Ollie watched, Landon played on the ipod. It was a pretty good drive, up until the last little bit. We didn’t stop in Payson, but went right on through to the cabin, which, in retrospect, was a mistake. Once we got off the main highway, and on the twisty road that leads to the cabin, Ollie got fussy. We thought he might be hungry, as it was dinner time. We fed him some snacks.

Unfortunately, he was not hungry. Less than 10 minutes away from the cabin, he started to projectile vomit. Apparently he’d been car sick. That is a first for him, he’s not been a very vomitous child, and he’s not been motion sick before. We pulled over and got him all cleaned up, then put the poor boy back in his seat to finish the drive. Once we got to the cabin, Oliver was fine and happy.

Friday night we had some really tasty taco soup and salad, along with amazing peanut butter cookies, thanks to Liz and Mel. We followed that up with some gaming, learning how to play
Forbidden Island, which is a fun little game, very much like
Pandemic , only faster and not as hard.

cabin july2011 (90)

Saturday morning we got up and had a lovely breakfast, courtesy of Dirk and Laura. Oliver woke me up at 5AM, which was not fun since I hadn’t gone to bed until after midnight, but that was my own fault. Anyway, bacon is tasty! Once we got fed and our act together, we packed up and went for our hike to the waterfall. This was our first time going since the fire that closed the area. We now have to take another path, which is longer, but still fun. We got to see a few new sites along the way.
cabin july2011 (3)

I had forgotten to pack the hiking backpack, which was sad, but thankfully I keep the cinchworm in the car at all times. I was able to put Oliver in that for the hike, which worked out well. He was so comfortable he fell asleep, although that looked decidedly uncomfortable to ride on my back while sleeping.

cabin july2011 (8)

Once we got to the falls, I took him off of my back, with help, and laid him across my lap for a bit while the others explored.
Photo By Laura (3)
This left me trapped, so for a while all of my pictures came from one spot. Eventually I decided I wanted to get up and play too. Oliver was showing no signs of waking, so I took Landon’s clothes (Landon was in his swimsuit) and made a pillow for Ollie, before moving him to the rocks.
cabin july2011 (29)

Landon loved being able to climb into stream and play in the water. He played skip the stones and splashed about for most of his time there, not bothering to climb up to the top of the waterfall.
cabin july2011 (69)

I realized that despite years and years of going to the waterfall, I’d never climbed up on the log. This seemed crazy to me. I know the first time or two I was nervous about it, but I’m not sure why I’d never done it. I decided to rectify this immediately, and I talked Mel into joining me on the log. Laura’s girls were already playing over there, so we had a fun time on the infamous log.

cabin july2011 (48)

Bobby and I switched off on who got to sit with Ollie while he took his nap on the rocks. On the bright side, it was a nice shady spot to rest, so Liz and Mel also took some time to relax in the shade.
cabin july2011 (61)
Laura’s family got their picture on the log, as they do pretty much every time we go.
cabin july2011 (37)

Eventually, Oliver woke up. He was rather cranky, and it was getting warm out. I had us pose for our family picture, but it was pretty impossible with the kids this time. Oliver just wasn’t awake, and it was about time for us to start hiking back out.
cabin july2011 (85)

We went into town at this point, and had lunch at the little Mexican place in the Swiss village. The place is tasty and there is lots of food for hungry hikers. After lunch we did some shopping and hit the old antique shop in Payson, where Bobby found himself a birthday present. Here it is on our patio at home:
Bobby stove

He loves it, and it is solid cast iron. I am interested to see what he attempts to cook on it.

Once we got back to the cabin, we decided to go explore the creek behind the cabin. It was running, which isn’t something that happens very often. My brother in law had said they had opened up something further upstream to keep it running through the summer this year. We saw the bats under the bridge and enjoyed walking around. It was sprinkling out, so I took my underwater camera, instead of my good one.
cabin july2011 (139)

Back at the cabin, we relaxed and enjoyed ourselves with games, books, and good conversations. The older children played Nintendo 64 (Bobby and I brought up the old gaming system a few years back and left it at the cabin).
cabin july2011 (93)

While Oliver played outside with Laura, who was trying to read her book!

cabin july2011 (88)

Bobby had a roast in the water oven, so I warmed up some potatoes and cauliflower to go with dinner. I ate a ton of oreos for dessert, way more than I should have, but it was nice to just relax, talk, and enjoy chocolate. We played Forbidden Island, again, as well as Betrayal at House on the Hill. The women ended up staying up till after 1AM talking, even later than the night before. Bobby and Dirk went to bed hours before we did.

Sunday morning, Bobby and Laura made breakfast, by virtue of being awake first.
cabin july2011 (94)

We then spent the rest of the morning cleaning up the cabin and packing up our stuff. I took Oliver outside to play, in order to keep him out of everyone’s hair while we finished up.
cabin july2011 (97)

Before we left, we stopped to pose for our family picture on the stairs. Ollie was awake and mostly happy for this one, and I think they came out nice.
cabin july2011 (100)

On the way back, we stopped for one more hike. This was a hike we had not done before, and it was cool to explore a new area. The kids really seemed to get a kick out of it.

cabin july2011 (111)

Damia was up and over and all over the rocks again. That girl might be part mountain goat.
cabin july2011 (117)

The other kids quickly followed her though, as she lead the way.

cabin july2011 (123)

It amuses me that Ollie once again managed to fall asleep within 15 minutes of us starting out.
cabin july2011 (125)

After that we went back to the car and headed back. Ollie slept about half way home, which was nice for him, and was not sick again on the way back, which was nice for everyone.

Overall it was an awesome weekend. It was so nice to get away and enjoy cooler weather and green trees with friends!

Full set of pictures is here.

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