Baseball and Sunsplash

Continuing on with my being rather behind in my blogging, I’m going to try and catch up today. This past weekend (July 22-24) we went up to the cabin, and I have 740 pictures to sort through. In the mean time, let us travel back to the start of the month so I can get this down on “paper.”

A very good friend of mine had an adorable baby boy, and I went over and took newborn pictures of him on July 9th.

Garret July 9th 2011 (9)

He was so cute, and I think the pictures came out nice. Newborns are hard to work with! I need more practice for sure.

That same day, I also took Landon to see his first ever play over at the Hale Theatre in Gilbert. He seemed to enjoy it, and was well behaved for the whole thing. It was totally children’s theatre, so he was not overwhelmed. Honestly, we had a lot of fun, and it was about the same cost as a movie now days.

We were in the very front row; the theatre is in the round.


Monday (July 11) Bobby IMed me to say that he’d gotten some free tickets to the Baseball Ultimate Fan Experience at the convention center downtown. So after work we picked up the boys and went. I was a bit ashamed when I realized that Landon had no real idea what baseball was, and had never swung a bat to hit a ball in his life that I knew of. Still, with a little help and some practice he seemed to at least get the general idea.

BasballFan Jul 2011 (19)

Oliver, on the other hand, really liked anything that involved throwing around a ball, or bean bag, and nomming on baseballs.
BasballFan Jul 2011 (20)

Actually, the baseball thing was pretty cool overall, even for non fans. They had lots of “free” things to do (the cost was $25 to get in.) And overall the boys seemed to enjoy it. We got some baseballs and other paraphernalia for free as well.

We took the boys to Sunsplash, the local water park, on July 17th, thanks to free tickets from my work. We knew that Oliver would love it, but that he wouldn’t be able to stay all day, and it’s not worth the cost when that happens. But for free, why not!

We started out with both boys in the wave pool.
Susplash Jul 2011 (3)
But I took Landon to ride the slides right after that. Landon hadn’t been on the slides before, and he wasn’t tall enough to ride all of them. Landon really loved the slides, he kept wanting to ride them again. He did both of the “open” tube white slides, all three of the Dragontail slides, and even rode the Bonzai slides once. My only concern was he had trouble swimming to the step at the end of the Dragontail slides. There is a bit of a back current. Landon swims very well when he focuses on it, but you can tell it takes effort for him to swim.

After that, we went back and met Bobby and Ollie in the kids play area. Ollie had been having a grand old time with Bobby.
Susplash Jul 2011 (8)
But by the time we got back, Oliver was starting to fade. I let Bobby take Landon for a bit, and I hung out with Oliver. Landon and Bobby ran around the kids area and played, having a lot of fun!
Susplash Jul 2011 (14)

But Oliver was mostly sad and ready to go home. We went back to the wave pool for ten minutes or so, then we went home. It was only about a two hour stay at the park. I’m hoping next year we can go and stay for longer.

On Weds I went and did a photo shoot for rather large family, and got some good pictures.
H family (2)

Now if I can just get the photos from this weekend edited and up, I’ll write all about the cabin trip then!