Science and Fireworks

I feel like I’m a bit behind on my blogging.

We hosted a small gathering for the four of July this year. We had a good time, good food, and good company. I got some pictures, including Oliver’s first ever underwater picture.
4th of july 11 (8)

I am enjoying the fact that some fireworks are legal now, and we did set off a few. Overall it was great!

For some weird reason, my work also gave me July 5th off, so Laura and I decided to take the kids to the science center. The full set of 4th of July party pics and science center adventure is here.

The Science center had a special exhibit on Mazes, which Ollie loved, because he could wander around aimlessly while I followed him. Also, I love the shirt I got him from Café Press, so the pictures of him made me extra happy.
AZ science center July11 (29)

Landon really enjoyed himself, although a few things sort of frightened him. Overall he really enjoyed himself, and loved having Darion and his sisters around to explore with.
AZ science center July11 (20)

I love this picture because it has everyone in it (but me, of course)
AZ science center July11 (66).

Oliver did great up until the end, when he was suddenly done and got really fussy. I know part of it was that he didn’t have a great nap, but overall the trip to the science center was a lot of fun!


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