Afraid of monkeys?

A couple of weeks ago we got on sale tickets to the local aquarium, which is at a mall that happens to have a Rainforest Cafe. I thought, “Let’s make a day of it! We can go to the mall, eat at a place the kids will think is cool, and see the fish! Also shopping indoors is wonderful when it’s over 110 outside! What could go wrong?”

I called ahead and made sure they could accommodate Landon’s dairy allergy, and they could, so off we went. If I’d really been thinking, I’d have remembered that despite Landon doing so well at Disneyland, he’s not a fan of animatronic things. But honestly, I thought he’d love it.

I don’t know if I could have been more wrong. We got to the place, and he thought it was cool, until we walked into the actual restaurant. Once inside, he saw the apes moving and freaked out, begging for us to sit far away from them. The hostess changed course and found us a table not too close to any of the action. We sat down, but Landon was still freaked out. He cuddled close to Bobby and looked around wildly, telling us he did not like it here. Bobby gave Landon the DS, in the hopes that Super Mario would calm him. Landon tried to play, but a “storm” started, with thunder and lighting.

We’d been there less than 2 minutes, and Landon was already almost hiding under the table, and on the verge of tears, so we left. I honestly didn’t think it would scare him! I felt like such a horrible mom. Oliver was fine with the place, he didn’t seem to mind.

We ate in the food court and then went on to the Aquarium, which was a lot of fun!
sea life (12)
Landon really enjoyed it.
Oliver would have rather played tag.
sea life (16)


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