Landon letter 4.11

Dear Landon-

Oh my, has it really been five months since I last wrote you a letter? You’ll be five next month. I’m one month away from you turning five, and you start kindergarten this year! But enough about the future, let’s talk about the last five months. This letter might be a bit long, as we’ve got a lot to cover!

Let’s see, back in February, you came home from school with lice! Everyone in the house got their head shaved (except mama) but you were the only one with the little bugs in your hair. I don’t like your head shaved that close, but you didn’t mind.

In March, we went in for you milk allergy testing. You were 42.5 inches tall and weighed in at 42.5 lbs. Weird, I know. Your milk allergy has continued to get worse, although just a tad worse. Since you are starting Kindergarten this year, the doctor went ahead and prescribed an Epi-pen.

In May, you had a Preschool Graduation for your class. There was an adorable ceremony where you were supposed to sing, but alas, you did not. You would make the motions, but refused to sing. You’ve never really had a love of music, and while you had no performance anxiety, you just weren’t into it. The graduation went swimmingly overall. You stayed at the school until the end of June, and you were a little sad to quit going. We were very proud of you for completing your writing prize chart. You did an excellent job. Your teacher, Ms. Tanya, totally went the extra mile to ensure that your writing improved greatly during your time there.

Landon Preschool Grad (31)

For the rest of the summer, you go to Laura’s four days a week, and stay home with me on my work from home day. Laura has you do a couple of worksheets every day, and I am so impressed with your math skills! You can do basic addition and subtraction worksheets with ease. You now write stories, although you do need assistance to spell or sound out words. You can sound out words to read, but you don’t really like to. Also, the idea of reading quietly to yourself confuses you. Whenever you see me reading, you tell me that I have to move my mouth to read!

You took your very first trip to Disney Land this summer. We went with Laura’s family, and you had a blast. You were very brave, and rode everything once, although some rides scared you. You really hated Pinocchio, Snow White, and Mr. Toad. I thought you would like Mr. Toad, as we had read the books and seen the movie, but you did not. Your favorite ride was “The Haunted Mansion” even though it scared you. You would shake like a leaf every time we road it. The first time through, you asked if we could leave before we got into the Doom Carriages (after the elevator) because you were so scared, yet somehow this was your favorite! You also really liked the roller coaster style rides, and rode them without fear. We also visited the beach and SeaWorld, but nothing topped the Haunted Mansion for you!

DisneyTrip 1 (133)

In more recent events, I took you to your first every play this past weekend at the Hale Theatre in Downtown Gilbert. We saw Pinocchio, and you seemed to enjoy it. I’m not sure if you enjoyed is more than a movie. A few weeks back, your dad took you to see Cars 2, which I know you liked.

I have threatened in the past to ground you from your beloved video games or tv if you did not preform an action, but I had not yet grounded you as a punishment. There are many reasons for this, the first of which is that you are, in general, a GOOD kid. You don’t often need to be punished, and when you do, sixty seconds in the corner is usually all it really takes. Yesterday, after being a perfect angel all morning, we went to the store and you begged me for some Super Mario Fruit Snacks (which you still call bribes). When we got home, you wanted to eat a package. I agreed, but suggested you them in the kitchen where Ollie couldn’t see, so that he would not also want your fruit snacks.

I realized, after a bit, that you’d been in the kitchen for a while, and I looked over and you were still eating. I asked you then, how many bags you had eaten. You told me that you only had one. I told you to finish up and come sit and play then. Unfortunately for you, about 20 minutes later I went into the kitchen, and counted the remaining bags in the brand new box. Simple math proved you’d eaten 4 bags. I grounded you for lying to me, although I don’t think you understand that. Somehow I think you still think you were grounded for eating the extra bags. I’ve explained that I would have just put you in the corner for that, and it was the lying that got you grounded, but it just doesn’t click. You were so bored that you asked to go bed early last night and read extra books, since we were not going to play video games.

You love swim class. You understand now about levels (Thank You Video Games!) and that you are a level five swimmer. You want to be a level eight swimmer, and are working rather hard in swim class to move up. It amuses me that you swim awesome in swim class, then get in the pool with us at home and still have days where you act like you can’t swim at all! On the bright side, you love the water and tend to swim quite well most of the time now.

Pool in June (19)

You do not like to try new foods, and it’s a struggle to get you to eat things outside of your small comfort zone. I keep hoping exposing you to the flavors will help over time. I know I was a picky eater as a child too (and still am) but this is getting silly. You hate eating new foods, and will act like you are going to throw up when I make you take one little bite.

You still love cars. You talk about how you want to be a “tire man” when you grow up. You are a so smart, and you love to talk about video games and Super Mario. You get excited and wave your hands around in a spastic manner that makes me smile. You love to wrestle and play with others, but are okay playing by yourself too, especially on the computer or DS. Your favorite TV shows are Phineas and Ferb, Jake and the Neverland Pirates, and Pink Panther or Pokemon. You are an amazing little boy and I love you so much. Each day with you is better than the ones before.

Love always,

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