Ollie letter 1.8

Dear Ollie-
A few days ago you became a 20 month old. You have had an exciting month, because you took your very first extended family vacation last month. We went to California along with our wonderful friends Laura, Dirk, Damia, Elaira, and Darion. We stayed at the Disneyland hotel, where you found yourself exploring Disneyland.

You seemed to enjoy most of the rides. The very first ride that you found yourself on, Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, freaked you out some. I had to hold on to you, but in the end I think you started to enjoy it. Your favorite ride of all time was “It’s a Small World.” You wanted to sing and dance during the boat ride, and were sad when the ride ended. You did manage to see most of World of Color on our first night. You had slept up until it started, but woke up for the show. You were fascinated by all the lights and colors. You did a great combination of riding in the stroller, being worn in your cinchworm, walking, being carried, or riding on your parent’s shoulders on vacation. You did not really like the characters walking around in their costumes, but by our last day at Disney, you were willing to tolerate them. You also went to the beach and Seaworld, both of which you seemed to enjoy, but you didn’t get down to the water at the beach.

While on vacation, we noticed that you snore, rather loudly. Your breathing pattern seemed odd to me, and overall, you mostly breathe through your mouth. I was worried, so I took you to the doctor when we got home. We’re trying some Flonase at night for 30 days to see if it helps. The thought is that if you have allergies, which could be causing the issue. I think it is helping some, but I’m not sure it’s enough. We’ve got a follow up with the doctor in a couple of weeks to check and see.

You really love it when we sing the “Itsy Bitsy Spider” or other songs. You will take my hands and help me do all the motions that go with the song. You and your big brother are starting to play together more, which is awesome. You like to chase him around and grab onto him. The two of you seem to be getting along pretty well overall.

You love to swim. Or perhaps I should say you love to attempt to drown yourself. You cannot swim as of yet, but getting in the pools thrills you. You’ll walk down the steps and then throw yourself into the water; your head quickly disappears below the surface. I grab you and bring you back above water, and you just look around confused, or smile really big, depending on if you were under for one second or three. You prefer the briefer dunking, but I keep hoping you’ll start to get the concept that you cannot breathe under water! But you are like a fish, you want to swim so badly. I think next summer we will start you with swim lessons for sure!

You are so independent and stubborn! You do not like to hold hands or be lead. You want to lead and seek and find things on your own. In the pool you’ve decided you don’t need floaties of any kind. You do not want to be in your raft, you want to be out there in the water! When we go to a store, you don’t want to ride in the cart, you want to push the cart or run down the aisle. When we cross the street, you do not want to hold hands, and will sometimes attempt to throw a temper tantrum in the middle of the street rather than hold hands. And if we pick you up? You struggle to get down!

I am looking forward to when you find your words, so you can tell us what it is you want. You understand much more than you say and can follow simple directions when it pleases you.
sea life (21)
You are loving and adorable. You like to give kisses and will high five just about anyone. You have cute hair that sticks up and big brown eyes. When you are mad or frustrated you will scowl at the source of your irritation, and then slowly close your eyes and scowl harder. It’s so cute.

We love you so much little man!


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