Sea World! Last day of vacation.

Our last full day of vacation was off to a later start than any other day, as Sea World didn’t open until 10AM. We had a rather nice breakfast provided by the hotel (Comfort Suites Mission Valley).

We got to Sea World without issue, and made it through the gates. The first major stop was the roller coaster/water ride. It was rather interesting, in the sense that it started out as a water ride and then became a roller coaster, and that it used an elevator to make the transition. Unfortunately the ride was designed to soak everyone who rode it.

Poor Elaira sitting in the front was completely drenched, and the high was around 70 degrees that day. For us Arizona’s, that is cold!

We made our way to the Dolphin show, which was entertaining, and followed it up with the Sea Lion show. The Sea Lions were apparently in mating season, and didn’t really want to do the show, so it was funny, but not exactly by the script.

I found Sea World a little annoying and tame after Disneyland. I just wasn’t very excited by everything, and I wasn’t super impressed by anything. The kids seemed to enjoy themselves, Landon loves looking at fish.

Oliver seemed to like it too, although not as much as Landon. Ollie spent a lot of time strapped to me in his cinch worm, napping, or riding in his stroller. And of course he spent time being carried around too.


We did see the Shamu show, which was good, but not great. They had a river ride that I was interested in doing, but it was cool outside, and the ride very obviously soaked everyone on it. They had dryers you could spend $5 on to get hit with hot air after you got off the ride, and there was a rather long line for those. In the end, we skipped the rides other than that first one. We did get to see a hoard of Bees decide to claim part of the walkway, which was mildly disturbing.

Honestly, to me, the best part of Sea World was the kids play area. They had a “baby tank” for kids that were under 38 inches. It had a blue squishy floor and soft blocks to play with. Ollie loved it.


He spent a good 45 minutes basically playing fetch with us. He’d bring the block to whichever adult from our group he felt like handing too, and that adult would toss it back into the “pool.” Then Ollie would go fetch it back. Sometimes he’d bring back two!

The older kids climbed up cargo nets, jumped through tunnels, and found themselves on a bouncy trampoline area.

We were pretty much done with the park by dinner time, so we packed up and hit Pei Wei’s by our hotel for dinner. Landon and I got in the hotel pool with Laura and the kids for a bit, and then it was finally time for bed.

We woke up Friday morning, had breakfast, and then headed home. The kids were much grumpier on the way home, and we made a stop at a rest area for a potty and leg stretching break. Later we had lunch at In-n-Out burger in Yuma. My phone was giving us directions, and it had us come home via the city of Maricopa, which confused us, but worked out well. It was rather nice to be home!

Overall we had an amazing vacation. Bobby and I are already talking about possibly returning to Disneyland next year!


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  1. Kim Marie Anderson
    Jun 27, 2011 @ 11:19:32

    my favorite stuff at Sea world are the summer shows — cirque de la mer, sea lions tonight, and Shamu rocks. The fireworks are also pretty enjoyable, but nothing compared to Disneyland’s display. The Sky Tower ride is also really fun (but costs extra if you don’t have a platinum pass). In the summertime, I like SeaWorld a lot more than Disneyland, because it is so much more chill. Everything at Disneyland is so much more complicated — parking, actually getting to the park, the size and scope of everything, and how you really can’t do everything in one day, whereas, if you plan it right, you can do everything at SeaWorld in one day. Glad you had a great time, though. 🙂


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