Disney breakfast and the beach!

We woke up Wednesday, and Landon was not happy with the sudden change in the pattern from the last three days. He was hungry, he wanted breakfast now, not in fifteen minutes. Alas, I was the mean mom and made him wait, because I knew that we were going downstairs to have breakfast with Goofy!

Disney and beach (88)

I’ll be honest, I wasn’t sure what to expect. I most likely wouldn’t have sprung for a character breakfast on my own, but ours was included in our travel package from Costco, and Laura’s was included in her travel package from AAA. All I can say is that I’m so glad we did this. It was amazing.

First of all, there was a TON of food. It was buffet style, but the chef came out and talked to us about what Landon could have on the buffet, and then followed that up by making Landon some Mickey Mouse pancakes in the back. Landon got some fruit and some bacon off the buffet while he waited for his pancakes, and met with Chip.

Disney and beach (94)

The character part of the character breakfast was pretty cool. In the park, there were often lines to meet and greet the characters or get pictures. Here, the Characters came to us, and posed with our children and interacted with them. Ollie was still a little scared of the giant people in costumes, but he warmed up a little bit to Pluto.

Disney and beach (103)

Ollie sleeps at night with a Pluto doll, so I wasn’t surprised that this character was able to get this close. The best part was the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland. He came over to talk to Landon, and Landon started telling MH all about Super Mario, and how Mario eats mushrooms which make Mario grow. This ended up becoming the most entertaining conversation ever, as MH talked about eating and drinking different things to get bigger or smaller, and Landon actively engaged him, using Mario as his frame of reference. The two were deep in conversation, but MH started trying to extract himself, and failing, because Landon was so excited to talk to someone at length about the properties of Mario mushrooms. We were laughing hard core.

Disney and beach (108)

Even Ollie warmed up to MH a little bit.

Disney and beach (124)

We also got a visit from Baloo the bear.
Disney and beach (131)

If we’d wanted to hang out longer, there were even more characters floating around. We spent time with five of them without having to really wait around or anything. It was awesome. Also, the food was great, and the kids had a blast. If you find yourself at Disneyland, I highly recommend a character meal!

Once the meal was over, we went back to the waiting area, because they had this room that was a tiny theatre room showing Disney cartoons. I kept the kids down there watching TV, and the rest of the adults went back up to the rooms to finish packing. The Disneyland hotel was pretty good about this, and we got all of our luggage on carts and the bellman stored it until we were ready to go. We did a little last minute shopping and exploring of Downtown Disney. (I really wish I’d gotten more beignets, but I didn’t think about that until later).

Finally it was time to go, and we got our cars and loaded up our luggage. We had some minor issues locating the address for the hotel we were heading to in San Diego, which resulted in some frustration and separation of our caravan. We managed to find the hotel, find lunch, and get settled. Then we were off to find the ocean!

Disney and beach (143)

It was cloudy and cold on the beach. The water was FREEZING. The kids found themselves playing a sort of chicken game with the water, running out after it, then running back to dry land as the water chased them.

Disney and beach (223)

Still, all of the older children managed to get themselves into the water at least a little bit. Even if it was freezing and all of the adults never went more than ankle deep.

Disney and beach (261)

Oliver, on the other hand, was cranky. He hadn’t napped well, and we kept him a safe distance from the water. He did have a sand fight with his Daddy, and he was covered in sand. He liked the sand, overall, but would have rather had a nap.

Disney and beach (266)

Which is why it was no surprise when he passed out on the drive home. Bobby and I packed our boys up after about forty five minutes on the cold beach and headed back to the hotel. Ollie did not wake even after we arrived safely in our room.

Disney and beach (289)

We decided we were too tired to deal with anything else, and ordered some food to be delivered to the hotel room. We watched some TV, played on our laptops, and read books, while we relaxed and stayed in for the night.


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