Disneyland, Day three in the Disney Parks

I forgot to mention how Bobby and I stopped by the Jazz Kitchen Express and got some fresh hot beignets for dessert. These were SO TASTY and I want to have them again. Anyone know of a local place to get beignets?

We had a second day of Magic Morning Early Entry for staying at the Disneyland hotel, although it took a little doing to use it. I didn’t realize we needed to show our Hotel Key Cards to get into the park, but we managed. We started the morning in Fantasy Land, finally. Everyone loved the Peter Pan ride, and was very excited by it.

Landon and I had read a graphic novel version of “The Wind and the Willows” and watched the Disney movie as well, so I expected him to be excited by Mr. Toad’s wild ride. I mean, he loved the story, and we’re riding in little motor cars. Instead, he freaked out. Total Freak out. We rode anyway, and he just didn’t like the ride at all. We went ahead and rode Snow White and Pinocchio, although Landon hated those too, and Ollie wasn’t thrilled by them.

The boys wanted to ride the Casey Jr train, and we quickly found ourselves all stuffed into the Monkey Cage.
Disney and beach (5)
Disney and beach (8)

We followed that up by getting in line for the Storybook Canal ride, but the line was long and slow moving due to a lack of boats. I think they only had about 5 boats going at the time. Bobby noticed the line for the Tea Cups was short, so Damia and Elaria snuck off and rode that.

Disney and beach (24)

The rest of us waited in line, and Ollie got annoyed, overtired, bored, and sad. We tried to bribe him with food and games, but he was not having any of it. By the time we got on the boat, it was meltdown time.

Disney and beach (38)

The ride was really cute, and Oliver did calm down a little once we started floating around some.

Disney and beach (41)

We found ourselves in front of “It’s a Small World” at about 9:40, so we decided to go for it again, as Oliver loved it and Dirk had missed it last time.

Disney and beach (66)

Oliver perked up once we got inside and was once again enthralled. He danced, he looked around, he pointed, and was overall happy. When we finished the ride he cried because he was sad again.

At this point, 10AM had finally rolled around, so Dirk and I took the girls and headed over to CA Adventure. We rode Tower of Terror, which was excellent. Both girls were totally into the ride, and were frightened and excited.


This was my favorite ride in CA Adventure, because I loved the weightlessness in the elevator, as well as the atmosphere creation of the ride. When we got off, we headed over to the big rollercoaster, and ended up grabbing a fast pass. We had Turkey legs for lunch and did the bakery tour to kill a little time before our Fast Passes were good. It was a nice, long, rollercoaster with some great turns in it, We all really enjoyed it. Both girls loved our morning of big rides.

We went back to Disneyland to meet up with the rest of the family. Laura and Bobby had taken the boys back through The Haunted Mansion, because it was their favorite ride ever. We took the train around the park and did some shopping.

Disney and beach (68)

We’d been doing the Disney Pin trading the entire time we were there, and made an effort to do some last trades. All of the kids got to pick a NEW pin from the wall, which seemed to make them all happy. We took some family pictures at the center of Disneyland.

Disney and beach (85)

We went over to ride Splash Mountain with our second special Hotel Pass, but alas, the ride was SHUT DOWN. So we went over and rode Big Thunder Mountain instead. After we were done, I took Darion, Damia, Elaria, and Landon back through to get a fast pass that was good from 4:10-5:10pm. We then finished up some shopping and headed back to the hotel. We took about an hour break, and I fed the older children peanut butter sandwiches for dinner, because I had a plan.

Dirk and Laura went off on their date, Bobby took Ollie to go adventuring, and I took the rest of the posse back to ride the Monorail into the park and use our fast passes. Bobby and Oliver returned to the park for some fun, exploring, and food. Ollie took a nap and overall they had a great time.

bobby oliver1

In the meantime, my posse greatly enjoyed Big Thunder Mountain, and we moved over to Splash Mountain to see if it was running. It was. Fast Passes weren’t good until 11PM, and I wasn’t so sure we’d still be in the park that late. Instead, we did the unthinkable. We stood in line, for an hour. I’d laid down some ground rules with the understanding that if the rules were broken, we’d return to the hotel and go to sleep, but thankfully the kids were excellent for me the whole time we were there. The kids really enjoyed Splash Mountain, and we went ahead and ordered the picture to be delivered to the hotel.

splash mt

After that, we walked over to the Haunted Mansion, and rode that again. The line was less than 20 minutes, and this gave the girls some negotiating power for our next ride. Landon still shook like a leaf when we rode it, but when asked, he claimed to just be “cold.” Landon and Darion were thrilled to be back at their favorite place in the park.

While we waited in line, we talked about our next ride. The girls wanted to do Space Mountain, and Landon seemed fairly excited by this idea, despite his earlier reservations about riding it again. Darion was talked into agreement by his sisters, and fueled a little by Landon’s enthusiasm for the idea. I knew Space Mountain would have a long line. On our walk to the ride, we stopped and got two popcorns, four churros, and two bottles of water. The wait time said it would be about an hour, and there were no more fast passes for this ride. I did observe the wait at Star Tours was around the two hour mark!

We sat in line and ate our snack. The sun was going down, and it was actually a getting chilly. The children would do a penguin huddle when they got cold, which was adorable. Someone came out and told us the ride was broken, which causes a bunch of people to leave the line. We kept moving forward for a while due to the exodus, and then, people started being let on the ride. We ended up waiting about 75 minutes for the ride. Landon was falling asleep there at the end, but he woke up and really loved the ride. It was amazing. I was just in a good place or something, and had this wonderful feeling of euphoria as we rode. The kids loved it. Is it bad that I had us sit in a way that would allow for the best picture?

After the ride, Landon was hyper for about five minutes, and then wanted to be carried so he could sleep. I knew it was time to head back, so we got in line for the Monorail, as I thought that would be the easiest way to get all the children, especially the sleeping one, back to the hotel. Once we’d waited about 15 minutes, the monorail director came over the speakers and told us that there was only one monorail running right and, so based on the line, our wait time was somewhere around 45 minutes to an hour. Landon was asleep and it was after 9pm. We decided to walk back.

We got about 200 feet from the line, and the Fireworks show started. All of the children (and even me) were too distracted by the pretties to keep walking, so we waited and watched the fireworks from the empty Jedi Training Academy area.

When the fireworks were over, I got us organized for the mass exodus from the park. I carried a once again sleeping Landon (who had woken up and been amazed by the fireworks). Damia grabbed onto my belt, and then she took Darion’s hand, who took Elaira’s hand. Chain of people in place, I had them go single file behind me, and we fought our way out of the gate. Every time Landon would doze off, he’d let go of me and practically fall to the ground, before waking up and grabbing on again!

We managed to get back to the hotel room shortly after 10pm. We all went to bed happy and tired, knowing our Disney adventure was almost at an end.


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