California Vacation, day 1 to day 3

We had SO MUCH FUN on our vacation. I can’t tell you happy the whole trip made me overall. I think it was a little too much, at least for my family, we probably should have gone home after Disneyland. But we really did have a blast. I’m already trying to talk Bobby into our next Disney trip. It’s addictive.

I’m going to start writing about our trip, and this may turn into a bunch of separate posts, so feel free to skim as needed.

Day one we left our house around 7:30AM and started driving. The kids were rather well behaved, Ollie only freaking out after he woke from naptime. We met up with Laura & Dirk and the three kids, Damia, Elaira, and Darion at Wendy’s on the way.

We had lunch and I took the kids outside and we ran around for about 10 minutes while the menfolk took the cars and got them gassed up, then it was back on the road.

We found ourselves at Disneyland around 2-2:30ish, and pulled up in front of the hotel, where a bellman helped unload the car. While we waited to check in, Goofy showed up!

Despite being early, they managed to get us checked in and told us we would get a text when our rooms were ready. Because we were two parties traveling together, they got us connecting rooms, so we could prop open our doors and free flow between the rooms if wanted too. We explored a little bit before getting into our rooms. The rooms were great, and they had this amazing LED firework headboard that was beautiful. We loved it.
DisneyTrip 1 (3)

The rooms were comfy and nice, with little Disney touches and hidden Mickey’s. Loved the hotel. Also, the room keys worked like credit cards in the park, and anything we bought in the park we could have sent to our rooms, so we didn’t need to carry it around.

Once we got settled we went over to the pool with the new Monorail water slides. Landon loved the smaller blue slide, but it took a little while to talk him into trying the bigger, taller red slide. Once he did, he loved it.

We had dinner over at the Storytellers Cafe in the Californa Grand. The food was good, and the chef came out and talked to Landon, and specially prepared his allergy free meal for him. When Landon was done, the chef returned and made him a second bowl of noodles! We were very impressed.
DisneyTrip 1 (22)

We turned in early that night, because we had Magic Morning passes for Sunday, and at 6:30AM Sunday, we were leaving the hotel room, headed into Disneyland. Six of the nine of us had never been to Disneyland, so there was a lot of excitement in the air! We got in the park without issue and went straight to Tomorrow Land, where we started our day with Star Tours. We used the Rider/Baby Swap option, so Bobby got to ride it right after us, and while we went to the Wookie Planet, Bobby found himself podracing. While Bobby rode Star Tours, Laura took the boys on the Astro Orbitor. We followed this up with Space Mountain, which Landon loved, but decided was too scary to ride again. He felt the same way about Star Tours.

Next up was Buzz Lightyear’s Astro Blasters, which was a fun Dark Ride where you shoot at targets. Bobby rode with Landon, and I took Ollie. Oliver cried when we first got on the ride, but settled down and seemed to like looking at everything while I shot at things one handed.
Landon and Bobby
Jen and Ollie

After we got off the ride, we could see the above pictures and email them to ourselves, which we did. While we were doing this, Landon decided to go exploring, and promptly was lost. Thankfully he was found again within about five minutes, but those were a few scary minutes.

After that we finished off Tomorrow Land, with the exception of the Monorail, and headed over to the Matterhorn. Landon HATED this ride. He was totally freaked out by the Yeti, and would get extremely upset if he even thought you might want to go and ride the Matterhorn again. We moved through the park, taking advantage of the Fastpass where we could, but we’d gotten though a lot of my “must ride” list before lunch time. Landon really liked Splash Mountain, but his favorite seemed to be The Haunted Mansion.
The first time we rode Haunted Mansion, I was carrying Landon, and he was shaking like a leaf the whole time. When we got in the elevator he held on tight to me. When we were approaching the Doom Carriages he asked me if we could skip it because he was scared, and I told him the only way out was via the ride now! He rode it and shook, but he rode this ride every day we were at Disneyland. Even the third time we rode it he shook!

We had lunch at the Hungry Bear by Splash Mountain and were not impressed with the food, although they were at least knowledgeable about allergies and got Landon a gluten and dairy free burger. They were overpriced and not tasty overall.

Bobby and Dirk took Ollie back to the hotel for a nap, and Elaira went back for a shoe change, so Laura and I took the boys and Damia to Toon Town, which was very crowded. We waited to meet Mickey mouse, and played in his house. We also took the train around and had a good time. Eventually we all met back up for some more rides and fun..

jen 17

We also saw Mickey’s Soundsational Parade, which was amazing. Bobby met up with us shortly before the parade, and the kids really enjoyed the parade. Overall we were super impressed with it.

After the parade we rode “It’s a Small World,” which was Oliver’s FAVORITE ride. He stood up and danced for the ride, looking around at all the singing dolls with fascination. He loved it.

We left the park and had dinner at a Mexican place in Downtown Disney, and then entered CA Adventure to see World of Color. The show started at 9pm, and my kids were basically asleep at 8pm, Oliver in his Cinchworm and Landon in the stroller. We had fastpasses for seating, but they still recommended we get there at 8pm to wait for the show. Both my boys woke up for the show, but I have no idea how much they will remember. Overall, World of Color was cool, but not worth the wait, especially for my kids.

Once World of Color was over, we went back to the hotel to prepare for day 2 at Disney.


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  1. Kim Marie Anderson
    Jun 20, 2011 @ 21:39:11

    I love Disneyland! I thought World of Color was pretty amazing. Even though we also had to wait for an entire hour, we were happy that the show was at least 20 minutes long. It’s not like a five-minute firework show or something. (Trivia: it took $75 million to put that in!)


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