CA adventure day two at Disneyland parks

Our first day out in the park, we hadn’t been sure what to expect, so I’d left my camera at the hotel. Day two I used this awesome bag that Tiff had given me, a Lowepro bag that I turned into a diaper/camera bag. We were able to carry all the things we needed for Oliver and Landon, as well as have a nice, safe space for my camera. Because of this, I was able to take my good camera into Disneyland (and later Seaworld) without major worries. Which means you get more pictures.

Day two in the park, we had this coupon for Mickey’s Toontown where we could get in to Toontown when the park opened, an hour before the general populous of the park. We’d been briefly to Toontown the day before, and I wasn’t impressed, but we thought the boys might enjoy it. We split up, Bobby, Laura, and I took Landon, Oliver, and Darion to Toontown, and Dirk took the girls to hit Space Mountain again. I honestly thought I’d be bored or unhappy, but Toontown with low crowds is AWESOME.

We walked in and were greeted by Pluto and Dale.
DisneyTrip 1 (138)

The boys had a blast exploring the whole of Toontown
DisneyTrip 1 (155)

There were no lines for the two rides in that part of the park, so we rode Gadget’s Go Coaster two or three times.
jen 4

And we also walked right onto Roger Rabbit. Overall, the boys got to pull on all the doors, open all the boxes, and blow up the Fireworks factory.
DisneyTrip 1 (215)

Dirk met up with us towards the end, and we went over to the Jungle Cruise and Indiana Jones. Landon was not tall enough for that one, so we did rider swap, Dirk, Bobby, Darion, Damia and Elaira rode it the first time, and then Laura and I took the girls and rode a second time. By the time we were done, CA adventure had opened, so we went back toward that park.

We got tickets for Soaring over CA right off the bat, which was good because our return time was late afternoon. We had a terrible experience at the Corn Dog Castle for lunch, I waited in line only to discover they had nothing allergy friendly there at all. Laura’s family got corn dogs, but we had to search out another place to eat. We ended up at Cocina Cucamonga Mexican Grill. There we had another drawn out experience with the allergy issues. It took forever for them to find an ingredient list that let us order for Landon. They did have a list, and could feed him, so that was an improvement. The food was pretty good too, and the prices were not too over the top.

The kids really loved the Grizzly River Run raft ride, even if we did get soaking wet. We used rider swap again, and we noticed yesterday that they don’t take the fast pass from the person who is doing the swap, so we started using the fast pass, meaning that Bobby could take two people with him when he went to ride again. Since Darion and Landon LOVED the ride, and because Damia and Elaira had been Bobby’s “plus one” a couple of times, we let the boys go with him, and they came back wet. So wet, that Bobby decided to show them the spot where bystanders get splashed the most. Darion was unprepared for the splash that came,
DisneyTrip 1 (254)
and Landon was even closer to the fence, down where you can’t see him crouching beside the blonde girls. He was soaked all the way through and his pants were still wet when we got back to the hotel. I had to take a hair dryer to his shoes the next morning to get them dry!
DisneyTrip 1 (263)

We had these special passes from the hotel that let us “fastpass” Ariel’s Adventure, even though that ride doesn’t actually have a fast pass. I was so thankful for this. Since it was new, we wanted to ride it, but the line was super duper long. The hotel passes practically let us walk right up and jump into a passing clamshell. I’m sad to say that I wasn’t super impressed with it. I didn’t feel like they did a great job taking you “Under the Sea” or immersing you in Ariel’s world. The animatronics were pretty awesome, and the music was catchy, but it is NOT worth an hour in line. The kids did seem to like it overall.

When we were in line for the Corn Dog place, Landon and Darion had spied the “Jumping Jellyfish ride” so we took them on that, and then we went over to the Ferris wheel. We rode in the “Non-swinging” cars, for which I am grateful, I don’t think my tummy would have liked the swinging cars. The view from the top was amazing! My boys loved it. It always amazing me how Landon is scared to sit on my shoulders, or slide down tall slides, but he loves Ferris Wheels.
DisneyTrip 1 (272)

We walked past Toy Story Mania, but the line was over an hour, and we decided to skip it for now. On our way to the A Bug’s Land, we ran into Landon’s favorite character!

DisneyTrip 1 (277)

We saw the 3D bug movie, “It’s Tough to be a Bug” and the kids rode the bumper cars, while Ollie played a little bit on the edge of the splash park. Oliver never really got wet or anything though, which was good.
DisneyTrip 1 (291)

We finally went over to use our fast pasts for the Soarin’ Over California. The ride was pretty cool, I loved that Kronk told us the safety features. The ride was really neat, although it made me a little queasy every time we would cut to a new scene. Laura’s kids LOVED it, and fought over who got to ride it the second go around with Bobby and his rider swap.

Once we were done with that, Bobby and I snuck off for our date night. I gave Dirk and Laura the key to our room, and they took all the kids back to the hotel for an early night. They ordered pizza and made Landon a peanut butter sandwich from my stash, watched some TV, got the kids washed and ready for bed.

Bobby and I went over to the Blue Bayou for our date. We were seated right next to the water, and could see the boats going by for Pirates. (We road Pirates yesterday with everyone, Landon didn’t like it, although I’m not sure why. I think he just doesn’t like animatronic people. Although we did ride the Pooh Corner ride that day also, and he really loved that one).

DisneyTrip 1 (318)
DisneyTrip 1 (316)
The food was excellent, the atmosphere was amazing. We had a wonderful time on our date. After we finished, we checked out how long the lines were for things, and decided to go shopping for a bit. We checked out some of the nicer stores and settled on what we wanted to bring home from our trip. As we were exploring, I noticed that there was one thing I sort of wanted to do that didn’t have a long wait, and talked Bobby into joining me.
DisneyTrip 1 (328)

It was pretty retro and neat, and it brought back some good memories. Afterwards we went back to the hotel and turned in to prepare for Day three in the park!


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  1. Kim Marie Anderson
    Jun 20, 2011 @ 21:30:55

    I love Capt. EO! I’m glad you had a great time. I look forward to reading more about your adventures!


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