Ollie letter 1.7

My dear Oliver,

Today you are 19 months old. We had your 18th month well check a bit late, on June 1st. You were 34.75 inches tall and weighed in at 30 lbs. You were in the 95% and 90% respectively. Your head was up to 51 cm, which pushed you off the chart, just like the rest of this big headed family! You got one shot, which you did not like at all. You cried until you managed to pull the band aid off, then you were suddenly fine. The doctor told me that you are on the “low end” of normal in verbal abilities, but Laura assures me that you will have a language explosion in the near future. Some words that you say reliably include: All Done, Mama, Dada, Laura, Cracker, Dog, Tickle, See you Later, Thank you, Darion, Drink. You have a lot of words that you will say once or twice, but no on command.

You have exactly three and a half people who you love above all others, who you will go to with joy and no fussing. Everyone else creates tears of sorrow and panic. You will go to me and your dada, as well as Laura, and sometimes Courtney. I know when I leave you with others that you calm down and can be good for them, once your fit has passed and you realize that Mama, Dada, and Laura are gone. This tendency to dislike others was making dropping you off at school difficult. Thankfully, Laura is on summer break, so on May 17th we pulled you from school and put you at Laura’s full time. In August you will go back to preschool, most likely a new school, around the same time that your big brother starts Kindergarten.

On May 26th you took a fall at Laura’s during Thursday night dinner. I think you must have bruised your jaw, because you were very sad and would not stop crying. I ended up taking you over to the ER, where they gave you some Motrin for the pain. Once it took effect, after a full hour of nonstop tears, you finally calmed down. For the next few days you would not open your mouth all of the way, and cried when you were given a sippy cup. You seem to be better now, but a straw is your preferred vehicle for liquids now.

Thankfully, you are a great sleeper. You usually sleep through the night with little issue. Your bed has been working out wonderfully for you. You usually lay down happily, cuddle with your stuffed animals. I love that you need a stuffed animal to go to sleep. Ideally you like your stuffed baby Pluto doll.

You love to walk places. You prefer it if you can walk on your own, and don’t like holding onto anyone’s hand. This can cause an argument in the street when we cross. Overall, you just seem to enjoy exploring! You often lead me to the door wanting to go to the park, or just on a new adventure. Once we do get to the park, you love to swing on the swings! That is your favorite part. The only problem is, when we take you out of the swing, you tend to start crying. To combat this, we usually try to get you to play on the playground and save the swing for last. You have no fear of climbing. You will walk over to the tallest slide and start up the ladder without any help. When you get tired of walking, you prefer to ride on someone’s shoulders instead of being carried. This would be great, except you’ve recently started pulling my hair!

While Team Umi Zoomi is still your favorite thing ever, you have gotten to the point where you do seem to enjoy the occasional other show, such as Wow, Wow, Wubbzy, Jack and the Neverland Pirates, The Backyardigans, and Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. You do not have the patience to sit through a movie yet. You are getting very good about responding when Geo on Umi Zoomi asks you a question, you now sound like you are responding with a correct answer most of the time. I find this rather impressive!

Your second Easter has passed since the last letter. You had your very first Easter Egg Hunt at Prospector Park in Apache Junction. You did well, and managed to gather a few eggs in the chaos. You seemed to enjoy your second Easter!

We’ve just recently started getting into the pool again, as it’s getting hot outside. You really love to float around the pool in your floaty! You laugh and play in the water with a big smile on your face.

You love to play “High five” and even enjoy watching your big brother play the game with me. You will willing give prompted fives to just about anyone who asks, assuming you are in a good mood. You can locate your belly and your mouth.

I’m so excited to watch you grow and learn. Just this morning you said “Landon” when prompted, learning a new word, and your big brother’s name! I know you understand much of what is going on around you. You have a way of making the whole family feel happy and complete.

Love always,


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