Long time no blog, so sorry!

I hadn’t posted about it over here yet, but I started a diet an exercise plan recently. My BMI was a rather large number, and it needed to be reduced. I’ve been doing it for about a month or so now, and it’s been good. Really good. But in my spare time I’ve been reading instead of writing, and now I’m out of the habit of blogging, which is bad.

I just started reading Amanda Hocking a week or so ago. Her books are YA, so they are shorter, and as a result, I’ve reached my “52 books a year” goal rather fast this year. You can see the list over at Books of 2011. Last year it was a struggle to get in all 52 books. This year I’m “done” before the half way mark.

Can I say that the last episode of Doctor Who (The Doctor’s Wife) was amazing. I loved it. So many quotable lines.

More later, I promise. I’m going to find the time to blog again, even if it drives me nuts.

May 16th 2011


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