Ollie letter 1.5

Dear Ollie-
Today you are one year and five months old. 17 months you’ve been in our lives, and we love you very much. No letter last month and I’m sorry for that. You’ll find as you get older that these letters are much less regular. I don’t expect to be writing you monthly letters for your whole life, after all.

Let’s see, you had a nasty a ear infection in February. It resulted in you and I at an urgent care until 3 in the morning. You had a hard time with it, but all was well again after a second round of antibiotics. You had a well visit on Feb 16th where you weighed in at 28lbs and 10 oz, in the 95%. You were 33 inches tall, in the 90% and your head was 49 cm. The well visit went beautifully, no issues or concerns. This was the first well visit since before we went into the hospital with that fever when you were new that I didn’t have a ton of questions or concerns. You are exactly on track for your age, except much taller than average.

Sadly, you also got your second hair cut on Feb 16th. Your big brother came home from school with Lice. As a result, we shaved your head and your brother’s head, even though there were no signs of lice on you. This prevented them from being able to spread to you, but it means that you have very short hair now. I look forward to it growing back out. You have the most beautiful hair!

You are totally a walking pro, and prefer it about 80% of the time to any other form of movement, including being carried. Only when you are tired will you consent to being carried. You get going very fast. You are so good at it, it’s hard for me to remember that you were a late walker, and that you haven’t been doing it that long.

We have had some behavior issues with you, mostly relating to you being whining or crying in order to get whatever it is that you want. Most of the time, we were responding to your cries the same way we always have, which meant that we were treating you like a baby, not the toddler you have become. In the last few weeks, we implemented a punishment system for when you misbehave which has greatly increased the general happiness in the family, and has really helped you learn to work on things on your own. Basically we count from 1 to 5, and when we get to five we put you in your room, with the door open and the lights on, so can leave your room when you are ready. This simple thing has improved your grumpy periods and motivated you to learn to play on your own. It’s amazing that you have grown so much and can now tell how to behave. I’m very proud of you!

Your crib broke on March 31, quite unexpectedly. I had planned to give you another three months in the crib, even though I have been worried about you attempting to climb out. You are so tall that I was pretty sure you could have done it if you put your mind to it. Instead, the crib broke! Rather than attempt to find a new one or sleep you in the pack and play, we just went ahead and put together the car toddler bed. You did fine in it the first couple of nights, but last night you fell out of bed around nine pm. We’d placed a pillow there just in case, which cushioned your fall, so you were uninjured. However, you were a bit freaked out. I calmed you down and got you back into bed, and you had no further issues last night.

Overall, you are turning into an adorable little boy. You are growing up so fast, and you have a wonderful smile! Speaking of your smile, you are teething yet again. Your top molars are now coming in! Soon you will have a complete set of teeth, and we will be past your teething trauma.

Much love to you, my adorable little brown eyed boy.


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