Photography is awesome

I’m really enjoying this photography thing.

Also, I feel weird that I’m a “small business owner”

I really need to start getting a few paying shoots so I can buy some photography toys I want, like a new tripod and some lighting.

I had another great shoot this past weekend. This was my favorite, but it is totally due to his expression that makes me love it.

I’ve got to do some work on the website. I’ve got one more “free” photo shoot I’m going to do next weekend, and then I may start looking for paying clients at that point. I do have a quasi, very informal wedding to photograph in April. I suspect it will look more like a birthday party, but that’s cool. I’m doing that one for free as well.

I also have two families I owe a free shoot to.

There are some newborn shoots that I plan to do, hopefully anyway. I think I can line up three or four free newborn shoots for practice, and then move on to doing them for money. I’d also like to volunteer for (warning, VERY TRIGGERING, do not go to this website unless you want to cry.) Now I Lay Me Down To Sleep at some point in the future. I can’t yet. I couldn’t handle it right now, it’s still too close to home with how ill Ollie was and everything. But it’s important to me to do it, once I feel a little more comfortable behind the camera and Ollie is a little older.

Anyway, advice, pointer, feedback, especially if you were one of my guinea pigs, (or if you were not, but want to tell me what you like/don’t like about what you see) is always welcome, preferably in the form of email if critical.

I really would love it if this photography stuff took off. It would be amazing to do this for pay. Not to mention, I love feeling like I have something to offer people. Something to donate, something to make, something I do. I’m so inept at artsy stuff normally. This has just been so amazing.

Also, if you get a chance, I’d really appreciate it if you would Like my business page on facebook


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