Ollie’s well visit and the loss of his hair

Oliver had the very bad luck of living with a lice infested older brother yesterday. Bobby felt pretty strongly that our best line of defense was to just shave everyone’s head. I managed to convince him that shaving my head would not be a good idea, but I was unable to save Oliver’s hair. Bobby has wanted it to be shorter than it is for a while now, and it was his turn to win. Lice is a very good reason to have short hair.

Oliver watched Team Umizoomi and sat in my lap as Bobby trimmed him up. Oliver handled he experience rather well, and actually looks sort of cute with his short hair. I admit to missing his frumpy, long, baby hair though. At least this wasn’t his very first haircut. Bobby was totally right, it was the smartest thing to do. It’s cute, but I do miss the hair!

Ollie Shaved

Ollie had a well visit with the doctor today. He weighs in at 28lbs and 10 oz, in the 95%. He is 33 inches tall, in the 90%. His head was 49 cm around, which was also at the top area of the percentile. I don’t remember exactly what the number was. He is doing well and is on track overall. Poor Ollie got three pokes as well.
He’s a bit of a grump due to that, but mostly has been having a good day.
He’s also started this thing where he takes off his pants. Sometimes he takes off his diaper too. I’m hoping this is a temporary situation. If not, anyone have any tips for keeping pants and diapers on toddlers who want to and have the power to take them off?

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