Landon’s very bad day

My Poor Landon. Yesterday, was just not the poor boy’s day. He was having a hard time waking up and getting going, which is normal. I already knew that his night was going to be less than fun. See, once a year we do a blood test in order to check the severity and trending of his milk allergy. Landon has recently decided he doesn’t like “pokes.” When we went to the doctor on Friday, he didn’t want to go because he didn’t want a poke. I told him that he shouldn’t get a poke for a cough. He told the doctor, “Cough’s don’t get pokes!”
And, since it was a virus, he did not need a poke. But alas, Tuesday Feb 15th had come, and Landon did need a blood draw. I went to get him from school, only the teacher discreetly asks me, “Did they call you?” I am bewildered! Landon looked fine. The teacher than told me that they had found bugs in his hair. BUGS! As in LICE! In Landon’s hair! I felt terrible! So I loaded up the kids and told Landon we needed to shave his head. We’ve done it before. It’s not a look I love, but it’s one he can pull off. Landon didn’t want me to do it. He wanted to go to the barbershop. I checked the time, and we had time. I stopped by, but we were turned away at the door, because They Don’t Service People with Lice. They also don’t understand how lice spreads, but whatever.
So I explained to Landon that we had no choice, I had to cut the bugs out myself. I shaved his head, and I TOTALLY FOUND LICE. BIG HUGE ADULT LICE! I asked the school today, and he was the only one with it, so I have NO IDEA where he got it from. I checked Ollie, but he seemed cleaned. Bobby felt it was best to be sure, so we ended up shaving his head as well. My poor boys!
Bobby then took Landon in for his blood draw, and let Landon play with the iPad in the waiting room. Landon was good up until the actual blood draw, where he freaked out the normal amount.
Landon shaved
So he got his head shaved by me, which he hates, and a blood draw, which he hates, within about 90 minutes of one another. Luckily he still loves us!

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