poor landon

Part of me feels like I should have realized something was up last night, because Landon asked for a blanket. But if I really think about, Landon asking for a blanket that early was a little unusual, but not out of the norm for him. He likes blankets. He likes to cuddle under them when he watches TV. He gets this from me, I’m the same way.

We stayed late at Laura’s weekly Hench Dinner. And by late I mean we didn’t leave until after 8pm. When I tucked Landon in, I realized he was a little bit warm. Not hot. Not warm enough for me to do anything about. Just warm enough for me to realize he was probably slightly fevered, and that he had been acting cranky all night. So I told Bobby when I climbed into bed that we might have to figure out how to keep him home tomorrow.

A little after 2AM, Landon woke up crying. He said he had a nightmare about people with swirly eyes. And he was burning up. I don’t know what his temperature was, I just quickly gave him some Motrin and tucked him back into bed. After about 15 minutes I checked on him, and he was sleeping peacefully, and his temperature was back down.

I had calculated that he could have another dose of medicine around 8:30AM. I fixed things so I could work from home today, and around 6:30AM Landon woke up. He was warm, not hot. But he kept getting warmer. At a little before 8AM, I took his temp, under his arm. I got 103.2. Under arm temp, you are supposed to add a degree. So, while still on Motrin, he had a 104 degree fever. I gave him more Motrin right away, and took him to the doctor.

She looked him over, said it looked like a virus, not the flu, and not an ear infection. Lots of rest, fluids, and all of that good stuff. Landon is miserable, and has spent most of the day sleeping or watching tv. I’m keeping him on something for his fever, but he pretty much still has a mild one. I’m pushing fluids, because Landon doesn’t want to eat or drink anything. And I’m stressing.

I am totally going to lose it if Ollie gets this same bug and ends up with such a high fever.

Bobby should be home with enough time for me to download all the medication information, and then hopefully I can head out to my photography class tonight.

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  1. Paula
    Feb 11, 2011 @ 16:44:30

    You’ve had a tough and worrisome morning, now he’s on the road to recovery. Keep a watch on Ollie I wish you the best. Feel better soon Landon.


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