stuff and doctors

Yesterday was stressful.

I was working from home and kept Ollie with me. He was a little grumpier in the morning yet, but not terrible. We dropped Landon off at school, and I still had an hour or so before I had to start work, so we went shopping. I got valentines for the kids from us. I need to take Landon to the store to let him pick out his valentines for his class. They are having a party next week.

I got some chores done, got some work done, and Ollie started to act tired around 9AM, so I put him down for an early nap. Since he’s been sick, he’s been taking two naps again. He was trending towards one nap before he got sick.

He woke up from nap around 10:30 and was almost inconsolable. If we were in his room, in his chair, reading one of his five favorite books, he would calm down while the book was being read, starting up again as soon as I finished the book. I called his doctor and got an appointment, but the next opening was at 2pm. So around 11:20 I tried Motrin. He didn’t have a fever, but I wasn’t sure what else to do. Within 15 minutes he was happy and playing again.

We went to the doctor and she checked his ears. Still infected, she didn’t know if they were better or worse than before, but based on what I said, and a lack of anything else really being wrong with him, she decided to up his antibiotic. That’s pretty much what always happens with him and amoxicillin. He’s 28 lbs and 5 oz. He has a well visit next week, so we’ll be able to follow up on his ears then.

On top of that, I lost Morocco. Ollie wanted to play (after the Motrin) and he likes to go up and down the hall, so I shut all the doors except the one to his room. I wanted to make sure no cats were in the room, so I checked for them both, and could not find Rocco anywhere. I searched the house, IMed Bobby, everything. Finally I decided he must have gotten out front when I brought in groceries or something and so I went outside and checked for him. I mean, I looked for him for hours and could not find him. I was so upset. And then he just turned up. I have no idea where in the house he was hiding, but it was somewhere good.

Needless, I was pretty stressed out yesterday. I got to take Landon to swim class, which made me happy. He’s doing pretty good. The last few days he’s had trouble listening at his preschool class and didn’t do his writing, so we had a long talk and he didn’t get to play Wii last night. Hopefully he’ll turn that around. He’s not been bad, he’s just been, as his teacher put it, “a rambunctious four year old.”

Ollie is walking and jabbering and generally being awesome, when he’s not being a total grump. Ollie tends to get grumpy on us around 5pm till bedtime, which sucks on weekdays because we mostly see him from 5pm till bedtime. He’s a happy little morning baby. And he LOVES books.

I’ve got a photography workshop this weekend, really looking forward to it!


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