Ollie has ears and long nights.

Landon and Ollie have both had colds the last few days. Last night Oliver became fevered and fussy, and he started pulling on his year. Around 10:30 he wouldn’t sleep anymore, so I packed him up and took him over to Good Night Peds.

It was very busy, and we were there until 2AM. Yes, he has an ear infection, nothing else going on. He didn’t enjoy all that waiting and was very fussy and difficult for most of our wait. One of the children ahead of us ended up needing an ambulance to transfer them to the ER. I am so grateful that Ollie was doing well and did not need such drastic measures.

Anyway, I got him medicated, but as a result I went to bed around 3:15AM last night. I normally wake up at 5AM to go into work. Thankfully my manager is awesome and my work is flexible. I’m working from home and caring for a sick boy today.

Ollie’s doing a little better today. We managed to get some a nice long nap in. Bobby took Landon to school this morning, which was good because I don’t think I could have driven him on that little amount of sleep.

Ollie had pasta for lunch, and loved it.

ear infection ollie after lunch

ear infection ollie after lunch

Needless to say, he got a bath after that.


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