Oliver letter 1.3

Dear Ollie-

You are one year and three months old. You have had a busy month! The most noticeable thing is that you are walking. It was like a walking explosion occurred in the last few weeks. You not only can walk, but it’s become your preferred method of getting around! You enjoy it! You are good at it! You can go from sitting on the floor to standing up all on your own, without using anything to pull up with. You can walk, with a little bit of speed even! It’s so wonderful to have you toddling around the house. I can’t tell you how happy it makes me.

You are also showing signs of being very smart. You will answer questions with a nod or shake of your head, and follow directions. If I tell you “No,” you stop. If I ask you to bring me your cup, you do. If I ask you if it’s nap time, you usually shake your head NO fairly fast. However, the other day I asked you, and you nodded yes. Then you lead me into your bedroom, and I tucked you into bed. It was too cute. You also tell us “All Done” by raising your hands in the air when you are ready to get out of the bath or are done with your food.

You still love food. Also, you are SO TALL. I am looking forward to your well visit in two weeks to find out just how tall you are. You love to play with doors and open and close them. You can reach the door handle, but lack the manual dexterity to turn the handle, for which I am grateful. Otherwise I think you would be running down the street!

Because you are walking, you were promoted at school from the infant room to the one year room. This means you are now a Koloa. You are in school two days a week and at Laura’s two days a week. You seem to be doing well in school, but based on drop off you prefer Laura’s to going to class.

You love books. I can’t put into words how much this makes my heart smile. You love to flip through them and look at them. The other day I put about 15 board books on the floor and let you play with them, and you were happy for an hour. Books and Balls are your favorite toys. You enjoy being read to, but I think you prefer flipping through the books yourself. Your favorite TV show is still Team Umizoomi. You love that show and wish we’d let you watch it all day.

Your words are coming. This morning I said, “Ollie, I love you.” And you made noises at me that sounded vaguely like “I love you” which just melted my heart. I know that you didn’t actually say it, but still. You can say words, when you want to. You said “Cold” yesterday morning. I’ve heard a lot of words, but none that you use regularly beyond Mama and Dada. You also like to say “Boo!”

You are adorable, and we love you. I’m so proud of you and your walking. I love the way you enjoy books. I’m so impressed with you.

Love always,


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