A Kola and a Giraffe

Ollie is sort of kind of walking! He’s going to be moving up to the Kolas room at school today, also known as the One’s room. There are some videos of him walking below. He’s taken as many as 11 steps on his own. We’re very proud of him. His first all day in the Kola room will be Monday.

Landon’s writing has improved to the point where I’m not concerned about it any more. He’s doing a very good job, and his handwriting is almost legible. It’s pretty cool! Now we need to focus on his reading. His math is stellar. Kindergarten registration for his school is the end of the month. I’m still planning to send him to the dual language school, so he should be spending half of his day in Spanish when he starts school in the fall.

Work’s been doing okay. My friends and I started a Zumba class last week. It was a lot of fun. If you’re local and want to join us, let me know. It’s Saturday at 10AM in Mesa, and the cost is only $25 for 4 classes.

I bought some new Vibrams, which I like, but I haven’t worn them for running. I got them at R E I so if you’re looking to get a pair, you might check it out.

I’m sitting at Hench dinner right now waiting for 5PM so I can log off of work. I’m going to enjoy amazing company and baked Ziti for dinner, so you all have a WONDERFUL Thursday night. I know I will!