Soon he will walk

Yesterday I was driving Landon and Ollie to Laura’s in the morning, and Landon and I had the following conversation:
Landon: I like poopie.
Me: What?
L: Boobies! I like Boobies?
Me: WHAT? What are you talking about.
L: Boobies. They are hands that talk.
Me: OH! You mean Oobi!

We don’t normally watch Oobi, but I know Landon has seen some in the past.

In other news, Ollie took 4 steps unassisted this morning to me! I’ve seen him take this many steps before, but never towards me. Laura came over on Weds this past week and helped me clean out the boys rooms and get them organized. They were SO MESSY and so cluttered and so full. It’s so nice now that they are looking better. Anyway, so on Weds Ollie took 4-5 steps to Laura unassisted. I’m hoping this means we are close to walking. I swear he can almost do it completely, but he prefers crawling! Stubborn child.

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