Ollie letter 1.2

Dear Ollie-
Today you are 14 months old! Let me start out by telling you that you stubbornly refuse to walk. I’m fairly sure you are perfectly capable of it. You can walk around barely holding on to someone pinky, and do so without really using them to balance at all. But you just don’t want to do it on your own for some reason!

You had an unfortunate encounter with a dog while at Laura’s one day. Zero, the older greyhound, bit your face. This happened on Dec 10th. It’s mostly healed at this point, but you might end up with a small scar above your left eye. You seemed fine after happened, and now are not allowed near the dog.

On Dec 12th we drove up to Williams Arizona to ride the Polar Express train to the north pole and to see Santa. We forgot to bring any binkies (pacifiers) with us. We’d had you down to just using them at nap and bed time anyway. You did just fine without it, so you have been bink free since then! I’m very proud of you. It was a relatively low fuss situation.

You were so cute on the train to see Santa. You dozed off in the sling before we got on the train, but awake upon boarding the train. You were awake and happy for the entire train ride, and loved looking out the window, eating cookies, and the singing. You had very little opinion of Santa. This was all well and good. We’d had pictures done with Santa a few days before, and you had cried for those!

We also went to Holiday Hill this past month. It’s sort of a family tradition around Christmas time. You loved all the lights! You seem to enjoy being worn around in the cinchworm or sling, but you are just so heavy!

It was your second Christmas, which went well. You still don’t “get” Christmas yet, the idea of tearing into presents seems to allude you. Your brother enjoyed helping you open them, and you got some neat stuff. Your favorite thing seems to be the balls that you got from Santa. You enjoy throwing them around the house and then chasing after them. Your Christmas experience was also damped by the ear infection that you had. We ended up taking you to Urgent care on Christmas night for it. You got some antibiotics, and I discovered that you weighed in at about 28 lbs! You are a big kid!

We took you to Zoolights this past weekend. You were so excited by all the lights that you peed on your Dada! He was wearing you to keep you warm, and was a bit disturbed by the fact that your diaper managed to fail him while you were strapped to his chest. Overall you seemed to enjoy yourself and the pretty lights!

You still have the sweetest smile. You are happy, except when you are tired.

I love you so much little man!

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