Christmas and sick boys.

Christmas Eve was pretty uneventful, we had pleasant day off of work, and after work a couple of friends came over and we played Rock Band 3 till fairly late. We let the boys each open one present before bed, which Landon really enjoyed. It reinforced that Ollie wasn’t going to “get” Christmas this year, which is fine. He’s pretty young still.

I forgot to mention that Henchmas was a lot of fun, as usual! Ollie crashed out before we got to the presents, but I got some nice pictures of everyone. The pictures can be seen here, and I’ll add some of my favorites at the bottom of the entry. Also, for Solstice, Bobby gave me a new lens for my camera, I got a new lens for my camera, it’s a 50mm f/1.8D.

Christmas was good! I didn’t get a lot of gifts, mostly because Bobby had gotten me the Nikon D90 earlier this month, which as honestly way out of budget, but I’ve been loving it. Not to mention needing it for Jen Mayer Photography. Landon and Ollie made out like bandits, it’s so true. My house looks like a whirlwind hit a toy store and then came through my living room. I overspent. I feel this need to rival the Christmas of my youth, which is bad, as my mom always spoiled us and overspent as well. Anyway, after the kids opened everything up, we spent some time hanging out at the house and playing with everything. We observed Ollie was extra cranky. Then we kissed his forehead, and he was burning up. Rather than take his temp, we just dosed him with some motrin, which seemed to cheer him right up. I was pretty sure it was an ear infection at this point, he was tugging on his left ear all morning.

We went ahead and went to Bobby’s parent’s house for the Christmas gathering. Apparently there was some confusion as to when it started, and we ended up with a house full of excited boys who were running pell mell through the house, and not everyone had arrived. We gave up on the last couple of people and dove into the presents. I think Bobby’s parents really liked the clock, it is already hanging in the house. It’s hard to gage what people get, what they think of stuff, in the confusion. Ollie was not happy, so we spent a lot of time passing him back and forth. Given that, plus the fact that not everyone was there, and the fact that I’m a lot less sure of myself in the midst of my inlaws, versus the midst of the Hench, resulted in much less in the way of pictures than I would have liked. I did not pull families aside for pictures, and did not get a group shot. What I did take is here.

It was time for more motrin when we got home, which Ollie took without issue. We unpacked and tried to relax for a bit, but Ollie was very unhappy. A little over an hour after his last motrin, I observed he still was rather warm. I packed him up and went to Good Night Peds. Ollie weighs 28 lbs already. The doctor there was very fast and matter of fact, Yes, Ollie has an ear infection in his left ear. What we are going to do is give you a prescription for antibiotics, give him a dose of Tylenol, Benadryl, and drops in his ears before you leave. I said Sure! And we were out of there rather fast. The Walgreens was backed up though, when I dropped off the RX they told me it was an hour to an hour and fifteen minutes. Rather than hang out with Ollie we went home and they texted me when it was ready, almost 100 minutes later. Ollie had already gone to bed at that point, so I had to wake him up for it, but he went back to sleep and slept through the night till seven the next morning. (Of note, Landon had a bad ear infection on his second Christmas as well)

I however, being paranoid about Oliver with a fever, was up three or four times during the night to check on him. I got up just after six to check on him, only to have Landon stumble out of his room. So Landon and I were up at six, and Landon was rather lethargic. I suspected he might be coming down with something, but I wasn’t sure until he became fevered around noon.

To top that off, Bobby hasn’t been feeling great for about the last week and half. So needless to say, it’s been a sad day around here today. On the upside, if Landon ends up staying home sick from school tomorrow, at least I don’t have to take the day off to keep him home. I’ve got this whole week off! I hope the kids are better by Tuesday, because I’ve got a lot planned this week!

I hope the winter holiday of your choice was wonderful!

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