Party Weekend!

This weekend has been a blast.

Thursday night my work was hosting a party for my group. My coworkers and I all got to go to Tempe Center for the Arts and have a lovely dinner together. Bobby and I dropped the kids off at Laura’s for Hench Dinner and enjoyed a date night together. I am mildly uncomfortable in social situations like that, but I managed to have a good time with Bobby. He’s very easy going and sociable, very approachable at events like that. We won a $50 gift certificate to Roy’s. We’ve never even heard of it before Thursday. It’s not the type of place you bring the kids too, so we’ll need another date night next month to use it.

Friday we were all pretty tired from staying out late, but alas, work called. I went to grab Ollie out of his room and toss him in the car Friday morning, only to discover an explosive diaper had occurred in the night. Bobby had already left for work, so I got to strip and bathe Ollie way too early to function in the morning. I got the kids finally ready to go and took them to Laura’s for the I got back in the car only to realize I’d left my work bag, and thus my laptop and badge, back at home. So in rush hour traffic I got to go back across town, and then back to work. Despite all this, I was in a fairly good mood all day.

After work, Bobby was feeling under the weather, so I left him home to rest and went back to Laura’s to run my Deadlands game. The game went really well. Laura fed me some tasty potato soup for dinner, helped me with the boys, and everything. She’s pretty awesome, that Laura!

Saturday morning I got up with the boys and we had some fun, then we got Bobby up and made a quick trip to the store before heading over to Laura’s house AGAIN for Baking Day! So yes, other sleeping and a couple hours Saturday morning, my boys were basically at Laura’s from 5PM on Thurs till Midnight on Saturday night. (See, told you Laura is awesome, and so is her family for taking care of my kids!)

Laura made us Taco Soup for lunch, and we made marshmallows, no bake cookies, popcorn balls, experimental orange candy canes, gingerbread men, bread, caramel, and other tasty treats! Also, I noticed that after Oliver’s nap, he had a new tooth! I swear it wasn’t there Saturday morning, but it was there Saturday afternoon!

Baking day rocked, as it usually does. I took about 400 pictures, just to try some different shots and see how I felt about some things with the camera. My favorite Pic was this one:
I know, I’m weird. I got a few where I think my friends look absolutely stunning, and I posted a bunch thataway if you want to see the whole set. That set also includes our Sunday night outing, which I’ll get to in a minute.

After baking day, Bobby and I went over to the Lucky Number 13th Annual Holiday Party hosted by our friends Rosa and Brendan. The party was epic, and I met a lot of cool people, ate some tasty food, and had a blast. The White Elephant exchange went on forever. I thought the gifts were interesting. There were a few actual good gifts, and a lot of strange gifts. The rules said that it had to be something you already had. I enjoyed what I brought for the exchange! I had a five opening photo frame (a nice one!) and I printed out five pictures of Wil Wheaton from his blog/flicker account, and filled up the frame with them. I also threw in all four matrix movies, which is what I had brought home from my work White Elephant exchange the week before. I was happy to see it even changed hands once! It was hysterical to watch and participate in. We left with some loose leaf tea, (from the very hotly exchanged teapot set, turned out the final owner wanted the tea pot. I’d been after the tea!) an artists book, some cards with cheap poker chips, and a strange CD called “The Priest” that we have since misplaced. Oh and a 1968 copy of a sci-fi novel!

A little later there was a secret santa exchange. I think the person I bought for loved the gift, I hope she did! Rose actually had me, and I got such an awesome present! I got the “Rock Paper Scissors Lizard Spock” shirt, and an amazing Dr Who pendent.
Holiday Hill 2010 (75)
Holiday Hill 2010 (71)

Also, I blame this party for making me want a tattoo. After seeing a particularly epic tattoo of a Dalek, I realized I want a tattoo of the TARDIS. I have no idea where to put it, and I’m too scared of needles to go and get one, but Dude, I WANT ONE. I’ve never actually wanted a tattoo before.

We left the party just before midnight, picked up our sleeping boys, and went home. Ollie woke up around 6:30AM, so Sunday I was rather tired. We spent most of the day hanging around the house and wrapping up the final presents (not counting the few that I still want to wrap for the boys). I took Landon out to buy Ollie a Christmas present finally. He got Ollie the Leap Frog cooking pot thing.

Once the sun set, we took the boys on our annual expedition to Val Vista Lights “Holiday Hill.” We always go, every year. When we got home I even showed Landon a picture of his first time there. The boys loved the colors and lights, and we had a very fun time.
Holiday Hill 2010 (62)
(More photos on Flickr)

Bobby and I put the boys to bed on time for the first time in three days and then watched one of the two Leverages that aired last night, along with last week’s Big Bang Theory. I love both those shows, and Eliot was particularly hot and also apparently has super powers.

Awesome weekend, looking forward to attempting to see tonight’s Lunar Eclipse, if I can haul myself out of bed at 1AM, and to both Solstice and Christmas!

Also, I literally did a happy dance in cube about a half hour ago when my friend who I am going to lunch with today asked if I wanted to go to Old Spaghetti Factory. Unbeknown to me, they opened up a location right by my work in Chandler! They have Gluten Free Pasta and Pasta for Landon. I love this place! We used to live right by one in Portland and I have MISSED IT. SO HAPPY!


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