Oliver is fine, but a dog bit him today.

Landon and Ollie spend Fridays at Laura’s, because Laura is awesome with my kids. She taught Landon a lot, she works with him on writing, she’s just the most amazing person when it comes to kids. Downside? One of her dogs is not awesome. Zero dog, Laura’s retired racing greyhound, has just gotten cranky in his old age. He used to be pretty good with the kids.
Today, Ollie was hanging out, watching Team Umizoomi, and was standing next to Zero. Laura went into the kitchen to refill Ollie’s sippy, and suddenly there was a bark and yell and an Oliver screaming.

He was bitten by Zero, but we don’t know what happened, if Ollie started hitting him or what. Once Laura got it cleaned up and treated, she could tell the bite wasn’t too bad overall, but it looks a little scary.


So yeah. New rule, Zero isn’t allowed to be in the room with Ollie alone.

Anyway, a few more cute pictures from my new Camera:





Latvia, our great dane:

Columbia, our Blue Heeler/Golden Retriever mix:

Morocco (not pictured is Tanzania, our other cat, she was too fast!)




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