Ollie letter 1.1

Dear Ollie-

This November and December have been so crazy, I’m a couple days late in wishing you a happy 13th month! You had a pretty busy November! We had your well visit on Nov 24, and you were 32 inches tall (95%), 26 lbs (90%), and have a 49 CM head (100%). Everything looked good during your well visit. You also got your first ever hair cut on Nov 5th. It turned out very cute, we just took a little off the length and evened it up. Your father still thinks you have hobo hair, and every time I leave you with Laura she tries to comb it all down.

Much to my relief and surprise you finally broke down and started saying Mama on the night of Nov 12. It is so nice to hear you call for me! You do it all the time now. I’ve recently become your favorite person! You always act so happy to see me, especially when I pick you up from school or Laura’s. You’ve also got some words now, including Ball, Big, Baba (for bottle) Dog, Kitty, Dada, and on occasion, Cracker. You tend to say something very often that sounds like you are saying, “I’m good,” which makes you seem pretty chill.

We took a trip to the family cabin the weekend of the 20th. While we were there, you drank a bottle, and then threw it all up because you were overfull. Ever since then you’ve not really wanted anything to do with the bottle. You were down to two bottles a day anyway, so we just fazed them out. When we gave you the bottle you would play with it, but not eat it. Upon further experimentation, your drink of choice is Blue Soy, the same soy that Landon drinks. (Costco Kirkland Vanilla SoyMilk)

Your dada got a job at the start of last month, so your school situation has changed a little bit. You now go to Laura’s house two days a week. You really seem to like going there. Monday’s you go alone, but on Friday’s Landon goes with you. The two of you have a lot of fun spending the day with Laura. You are in school Tuesdays and Thursdays now. You seem to enjoy going to school, but it is your least favorite option.

Peek-a-boo is still your favorite game ever. You do get excited whenever Team Umizoomi comes on, but tend to loose interest in the episode before it reaches the end.
You’ve also learned how to kiss! Well, more that you’ve learned to lean in for a kiss. It’s pretty cute.

Your second thanksgiving, the first one where you were whole, healthy, and able to eat food, went very well. You loved the food and ate a ton. The stuffing was your favorite. Your first birthday party was a lot of fun. You’d have had more fun if you could walk, but you had a lot of people show and got a lot of good gifts. We had the party at the park by our house, and we walked over with you in the stroller.

We are currently in the middle of your second Hanukah. On Saturday (your actual 13 month day) we had Great Uncle Jack and Uncle Sam over to help celebrate the fourth night. Your dad made some amazing latkes, which you loved, and your brother learned how to play Dreidel! We had a lot of fun.

It’s been a busy month for you, and you’ve grown so much in the last month. You aren’t walking yet, but I can tell it’s just around the corner!

Much love always,

DSC_0010 (2)


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