Big Boy bed

I took today off work, and I lugged in all the loot I had acquired on Black Friday to be sorted, wrapped, and put into hiding. This took much more of my day than I would have liked.

Landon had school, but Oliver and I spent the day together. We went to Bookmans, a used bookstore that is local. What I don’t think I mentioned is that we had that yard about a month ago, and I made twenty dollars. No one wanted my old Star Trek stuff. So I packed it up and took it Bookmans, where they gave me $185 in store credit. Needless to say, I had fun today picking out books for the kids at Bookmans. It’s my go to gift for Hanukah for my boys. Hanukah starts Wednesday night, so I had to get that stuff bought and wrapped. I’d say I’m over seventy-five percent done shopping, although some of that is in transit from the store to my house. Oliver was excellent today, he really enjoyed shopping with me. Even if he did fall asleep as I pulled into a parking spot at Costco.

We ordered Landon a bed off of Amazon as an early Christmas present yesterday, and Bobby went out and got him a mattress. Last night, Landon slept on his mattress instead of in his car bed, and today I dismantled the car bed and stuck it in the garage. I’ll pull it back out in six to nine months for Oliver, when he’s ready to come out of the crib. Landon has been telling me recently that he “is five now” even though he’s not even four and half. He is so proud of himself for sleeping in his big bed.

Last night was a special night for Landon. We’d DVR’ed Young Justice for us to watch, and after we put Ollie to bed we let Landon stay up and watch it with us. He really seemed to enjoy it and was very good, so if the series actually airs, I think we’ll make it a night for all three of us to watch it together.


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