Combat Shopping! Stand back, we are a highly trained team of professionals!

Combat shopping badge for 2010 has been earned!
Gathered up my crack team of shoppers at 3:30 AM and went out to Target. We got there about 10 minutes before it opened and found a line that went all the way around the building. The wind was freezing and we were forced to huddle together for warmth. We lamented the small size of the team this year, we needed more warm bodies! They were out of carts already. As the line was let in, we used our eagle eyes and spotted someone who was already leaving with their door buster TV. Laura shot out into the night and fetched the cart before anyone else could catch it. We entered the store, finally, prepared for anything. As we dug through pajamas, the line to check out built all the way back to us. One minute, Liz was standing in the aisle with our cart, guarding it from evil cart thieves, the next minute; she was in line to check out. Liz called home base, and sent us out into the field to fetch door busters.
I found myself braving the store alone, and barreled through. I got Landon a new comforter and sheet set for what I hope will be his new bed, and then hit the toy section. Soon I had piled my door busters so high that I could not see. I returned to base to unload. There we regrouped and sent out another search party. We gathered the last few items before getting a frantic call from base, it was CHECKOUT TIME. Total time inside Target? Less than hour! Amount saved? Over $200 between three shoppers.
From there, it was off to Kmart, which had a confusing issue with not having things labeled with any prices. We were forced to constantly refer to our field guide for prices, which did slow us up. Once we were done there, we went next door to Big Lots! We were sad to find that we needed 4 of an item and the store had only 2 left. We checked out and headed off to Michaels.
Michael’s had some decent bargains, and the store was mostly quiet, so the team relaxed and shopped together. One of our number purchased a large box containing a Tree, which required the van to be unpacked in order to fit the item in.
From there it was off to one more Big Lots! Where we recovered the other 2 of the last item, and headed to breakfast.
Overall, it was a win.


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