Ollie one year well visit

Mr. Oliver had his well check today! He is 32 inches tall (95%), 26 lbs (90%), and has a 49 CM head (100%). What that means is that he is very tall for his age. He is also pretty big, but proportionately so. And he’s catching up to his brother’s head size.
We talked about a lot of concerns we’ve been having with him, but the doctor thinks everything is normal. (Which is pretty much what everyone else who interacts with him regularly says too.) Between his medical history and my constantly comparing him to what Landon could do, I’m causing myself to stress over a perfectly normal, healthy, little man.
Poor boy got four shots, but hopefully that won’t slow him down too much with the turkey tomorrow.
I’ve got to get started on making some of my mom’s famous French Silk Chocolate Cream Pie, to go in Bobby’s Gluten Free Chocolate Crusts he made for me yesterday. Tomorrow should be fun!


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