All better today, thank goodness.

Oliver has his one year well visit tomorrow, and this is the first time I’m going in where I don’t have a list of questions and concerns a mile and a half long. I think that is a good thing. My stress level and trauma levels seems to have decreased on that front. I think it’s because at this time last year he was recovering at an astounding rate. I’m hoping this means I’m over the hump, and perhaps next year won’t be so bad. A friend of mine sent me this link to Anniversary Reactions, and that totally fits my bill, so to speak.

It seems unnaturally cold out for Arizona in the fall, I’d call this our winter weather. I wonder if we are in for a longer or colder than usual winter this year?

Today’s Questionable Content made me cry. It may make you cry, but probably only if you’ve been reading for the last few months. QC is my favorite online comic right now, and has been for a while. But it’s not the only comic I read.

I really enjoy webcomics overall, so today I thought I’d share my list of comics I have to read on a daily basis. If you are a fan of these, let me know! If you think, based on this list, that I might enjoy a comic you read/write, link me baby!

So, my comics are:
Questionable Content
Skin horse
Evil Inc
Darth & Droids
Order of the Stick
Devil’s Panties
Freak Angels
Book of Biff
Plan B
and, Max Vs Max, which isn’t that good, but I read because I LOVED You’ll have that, which was such a sweet comic strip. If you haven’t read You’ll have that, you should go and read it.

I gave up on PVP a few years back. I read Penny Arcade every couple of weeks, but not regularly.


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