Tree thoughts

I’m trying to decide what to do about our Christmas Tree this year.

See, years back, we bought a fake one, because it seemed like a good idea at the time.  I grew up with a real one, but I could understand Bobby’s argument for the fake one.  The tree is now old, and we debated the last two years buying a new one.


And somehow, for some reason, we’ve gone with the old one.  Two years ago it was that we didn’t really have the money.  Last year we didn’t have the time or energy, given Oliver’s arrival and subsequent illness.


So do we buy a new one this year?  Our old one is passable, it can probably last.  If I get a new one, should I get a pre-lit one?  Does anyone know of a brand that is easy to put up and take down?  I find the process of building our current tree to be unpleasant.


We usually put the tree up on Thanksgiving, and I do not want to switch to a live tree this year.  The fire hazard and extra mess from dropping the pine needles is just not worth it.  Also, a live tree in AZ will probably dry out.


So, Tree thoughts?



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