I watch too much TV

I liked the Glee episode this week, even if it was all weird. The stage set up with the water was SO OVER THE TOP though. I could not suspend my disbelief for it.

I also watched Vampire Diaries from last week, which I really liked. I think it’s a sickness or something that I like that show so much.

Castle has convinced me that we should all come up with a seemingly innocent code for “HELP I’M IN TROUBLE!” So that you can communicate that someone needs to call the cops when the killer has a gun to your head and tells you to “act normal.” Because that will totally happen in real life.

Supernatural this season is not as good as last season, but still good. I’m not sure how ** SPOILER ALERT** Not having a soul makes it so you don’t need sleep and only feel select emotions. That makes no sense. He totally feels something sometimes, or at least acts like he does. Also, I want more Lisa, randomly writing her out because Dean was stupid is annoying. She’s better than that.


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