Landon 4.3

Dear Landon-
You are 4 years and 3 months old today. I skipped last month’s letter due to being insanely busy, so I hope you’ll forgive me. You’ve had a good last two months!
First of all, I suppose I should remind you that you are currently engaged to Emily. On Halloween, she dressed up in her most beautiful princess Belle costume, and you dressed up as a Deadly Nadder, a Dragon from the movie How To Train Your Dragon. Emily thought you were so cute in your Dragon costume, that she turned to you and said “Would you like to marry me, Landon?” And you were so overcome by her beauty that you replied with “Sure!” To celebrate, you went trick or treating together, and came back with a lot of candy. I switched your candy that contained milk for candy that safe for you. I should also mention that you went around for most of September telling everyone you wanted to be a Zombie for Halloween. We took you to a Halloween store, but you were frightened of all the animatronic props and things they had set up. You did not want to stay in the store, but I was mean and made you look at the costumes. You decided, “That zombie was too scary. It will not be too scary when I am five.” And that you did not want to be a zombie this year. You were much happier with the Dragon costume at Wal Mart.
We took a cabin trip in early September with Emily and her family. You guys had a lot of fun, but you also showed us how you are diverging from one another. You wanted to spend as much time as possible playing video games. Em was mostly uninterested, and wanted to color. You have very little interest in coloring, or writing, or holding a crayon. Overall, everyone had fun and enjoyed playing together. You did not really enjoy roasting or eating marshmallows, which I thought was odd. Especially because (in part thanks to Halloween) you LOVE candy. Also, you always want soda, and I don’t like to give it to you, so that’s been fun.
Your lack of interest in writing has caused some drama recently. You do not want to do your writing at school You bring me home mostly blank pages, or some with a couple of scribbles on them. This has made me redouble my efforts with you and writing. You seem to know your letters, and you can even write most of them on command. You enjoy sitting with Dada and making your letters with your fingers on the iPad for short periods of time. (You also love playing Angry Birds on the iPad with Dada too) You just don’t enjoy writing them. And I can understand, because I never liked busy work either. Up until first grade, I did the same thing that you are doing. I eventually learned what you are going to have to learn, which is to hurry up and complete busy work so you can move on to something more fun.
Your father and I checked out a few schools in the area, and have finally decied which school to send you to. We are going to start you at a local public school that has a dual language program. You are going to spend half of your day in Spanish and half of your day in English. I am pretty excited about this, and have recently started you watching Plaza Sésamo in order to help jump start you.
The other day, I wanted to give you a haircut. You did not want one, and freaked out when I came near you with the clippers. You told me that you wanted to go the barber instead. I took you over to a sport clips place, and you LOVED it. They washed your hair and gave you a head rub and a hot towel on your face. Your hair came out pretty cute too. Now I worry you’ll want all your hair cuts down by a professional!
You are still enrolled in swim class and enjoying it! Because it’s cold out, we aren’t practicing in the pool, but you still ask to go into the pool. You tell us it’s not too cold, but you usually change your mind if we let you step in it. You are a picky eater, something else you got from me. This is further complicated by your milk allergy. I am not sure the best way to get you to eat foods you claim not to like, but we are working on it.
I am happy to say that you are getting better at playing with your little brother. You enjoy rolling the ball to him and will play peek-a-boo with him if asked. He’s not your favorite person, but your relationship is steadily improving. I really hope the two of you grow up to be able to count on one another and to be friends with each other.
Overall, Landon, you are doing wonderful, and we are very proud of you!
Lots of Love,


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