Oliver says Mama, Landon Pukes

I just got suddenly burned out on working on pictures. I’ve been working on them pretty much since I got home from work, putting together the calendars. I ordered our Christmas Cards! I think they are cute.
We went to a really fun birthday party, where there were giant hamster balls to play in. We had a total blast and really enjoyed ourselves. Then we got in the car to go to Bobby’s parents’ house. About half way there, Landon suddenly announces, “My tummy hurts!” He then gets a panicked look on his face, and begins puking. And puking. And puking. I managed to find a red cup for him to throw up in, after he’d already started puking, and he filled it. And then some. We were on the freeway, so it took a few minutes to get off and get him cleaned up. I had a spare outfit with us because we were planning to leave Landon at grandmas. We had something important to drop off to Grandma, so we went on to their house. Landon said he felt better and kept asking for a drink.
I finally let him have about 3 oz of water. He told us he wanted to go home, so we took him home. On the way home, he puked again. I got him showered and in his PJs, and he just fell asleep on the couch while watching Team Umizoomi. I have no idea if he ate something with milk, ate something bad, overdid it at the party, or is sick.
In happier news, Ollie started saying Mama last night, and has continued to do it today. It’s nice that he finally says it, I was worried he didn’t love me. 🙂 He’s got a lot of words now, including Ball, Big, Baba (for bottle) Dog, Kitty, Dada, and on occasion, Cracker.


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